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About Canada Rubber Group Inc.

Over twenty-five years ago, we set out to build a company that would provide our customers with the very best products, made from a wide variety of materials. Today, Ontario-based CRGI has come to be recognized as an industry leader. Our business has come to stand for a way of doing things with creativity, passion, and excellence. Over the years we have nurtured a collaborative and people-focused culture because we believe that fuels innovation and excellence.


Today, our customers are companies of all shapes and sizes, from all over the globe. Whether they are a Fortune 500 company, a small start-up, or an SME, they have one thing in common: they rely on CRGI for quality products and fast, responsive service. This serves to remind us that CRGI is really about you – our customers. Our business is about your business – helping your company to create value for your customers. We’re always happy to talk to you and use our years of experience to discuss solutions or provide quotes for any of your upcoming needs.

Top quality and reliability

We provide economical solutions that are in-spec and dependable throughout their life-cycle

Responsive and agile

We know you need fast service, no matter the order size. That’s why our lead times are among the shortest in the industry

Easy to do business with

We believe in simple, successful interactions that deliver high-value customer experiences


If there’s a better way to do something – and there always is – we’re on top of it
  • 20,000,000+

    The number of parts we produced for our customers last year. By any measure, that’s a lot!
  • 5,100,000

    The number of steps we took in our month-long “Take Steps to a Better You” wellness campaign.
  • 99+

    The percentage of products we successfully ship defect-free.
  • 1

    We give new meaning to “fast”! One-day service on many products is normal for us!
  • 2058

    The average guess of the year that our employees think the Leafs will win the Stanley Cup.
  • 18

    The number of CRGI employees who have been to 5 or more countries.
  • 500+

    Our employees have over one-half a millennium’s worth of collective know-how and experience!