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Seal & Gasket Materials

CRGI carries a full line of compressed, elastomeric binders and synthetic fiber sheet materials that service a wide range of fluid sealing and gasketing applications. Compressed sheet seals and gaskets are made from higher density materials, and are suitable for tougher applications.


CRGI can supply high-performance gaskets and seals for the following industries and commercial applications:


Gaskets and seals for the maintenance, repair and operation of industrial process equipment and components, including pumps and valves.


CRGI is a preferred source of supply for OEM’s seeking high-quality gaskets and seals as components within their product offerings.

Food Production

We can supply gaskets and seals for food applications which are fabricated from materials, such as silicone rubbers, which are produced from FDA-approved ingredients.

Resource Extraction and Processing

Gaskets and fluid seals designed for resource industry extraction and processing equipment.

To view the fluid seal and gasket materials we stock, download our PDF: