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From temperature to dampening, compliance and more, when standard materials are not suitable, we can provide the right specialty material to suit your application.


Specialty Materials

For those special applications where standard materials are not suitable, we offer a wide range of innovative materials, including the following:

  • Transformer-grade nitrile.  An ideal rubber gasket material for applications involving oils and solvents.
  • Ballistic-grade rubber. Extremely dense and durable, ballistic-grade rubber is designed specifically to protect personnel and infrastructure, while providing a safe environment during small arms/live fire weapons training at military and law enforcement facilities.
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced urethane sheeting.  We supply urethane sheeting that meets FDA standards for dry food handling and other applications. Our urethane sheeting is available in two types: sheeting reinforced with a cotton fabric backing that is suitable for bonding to other substrates; and non- reinforced sheeting that is more flexible and suitable for hand-forming.
  • Cork and cork-composites. Cork and cork-composite materials work especially well in those applications where acoustic, thermal and damping performance, light weight, comfort and durability are vital. We can manufacture a wide variety of products from cork and cork-composites that are suitable for use in sealing, vibration control, friction pads, and other applications.
  • Noise-reducing materials. We carry a complete line of specialty materials designed to block, absorb, damp or isolate vibration and noise. Our noise-reducing materials can be combined with each other to create acoustical composites that deaden vibration and noise in a wide variety of applications, including heavy equipment, medical and industrial, transportation, and marine. Made from specialty polyester/polyether foams and facings, these superior noise-reducing materials can be supplied with or without pressure sensitive adhesive and are readily customizable to specific applications.
  • NSF-61 Certified Materials. We offer gaskets and seals made from NSF-61 certified materials that are specifically designed for safe use in potable (drinking) water and sanitary service applications.
  • Plastics. CRG employs CNC technology for the milling and routing of custom machined plastic parts. Using a variety of plastics materials, we can produce parts of simple or complex geometries to suit a variety of applications, including MRO, OEM, and prototyping.

For further information on any of these materials, please contact our sales department directly.