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Gaskets and seals made from NSF-61 certified materials that are specifically designed for safe use in potable (drinking) water and sanitary service applications.


NSF-61 Certified Gasket Materials

The NSF-61 standard specifies criteria for testing and evaluating products to ensure they do not leach hazardous contaminants into water. NSF-61 establishes minimum criteria for impurities and contaminants that may be released indirectly into drinking water from products, components and materials, including joining and sealing materials such as gaskets and seals.

Applications we can support

We can supply products produced from NSF-61 certified materials which service the following applications:

  • Public drinking water distribution, including water storage tanks and reservoirs, water meters and all individual components
  • Joining and sealing materials (gaskets, adhesives, lubricants)
  • Mechanical devices (water meters, valves, and filters)
  • Pipes and related products (pipe, hose, fittings)
  • Plumbing devices (faucets, drinking fountains)
  • Fire hydrants
  • Process media (filter media, ion exchange resins)
  • Non-metallic potable water materials

NSF-61 materials we can supply

We supply the following NSF-61 certified materials:

  • Teadit NA1082SAN. Teadit NA1082SAN gasket material is specifically formulated to pass criteria established in the NSF-61 standard for sealing materials, as well as providing excellent resistance to conductivity. Compressed fiber sheet technology provides mechani­cal and service characteristics unmatched by standard elastomeric grades.
  • American Biltrite NSF-61 EPDM. American Biltrite NSF/ANSI 61 EPDM is a high-quality, ASTM grade sheet that offers outstanding resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight, with superior resistance to water and steam and good flexibility at low temperatures.

For more information

Contact our sales department to find out more about the NSF-61 materials and products we can supply. To learn more about NSF-61 and what it means, download our whitepaper Gaskets for Drinking Water Applications.