Custom Die Cut Rubber Parts

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), we use the most advanced production equipment to manufacture many of our high performance rubber products. However, traditional die cutting still retains a place in our operations, mainly for small volume orders which have to be turned around in a short lead time.

Die cutting is a process which is often used to cut multiples of a shape from a flat material. The process uses a die, sometimes called a steel rule die. A steel rule die is a tool consisting of sharp blades arranged in the design of the shape to be cut. The die is placed in a press into which material is fed in, over the die. The head of the press then presses the material onto the die, and the shape is cut.

Creating good dies is a critical aspect of the process. The die must be designed so that it efficiently cuts the desired material with minimal waste. Die cutting always involves some waste and at Canada Rubber Group Inc. we have techniques for reusing, reworking and recycling material left over from die cutting. The efficiency of a die cutting process can be enhanced by using multiple dies fitted together on one mount, thus producing several parts with each strike of the press head.

Die cutting is a good process to use when the number of parts to be produced is relatively low. With steel rule die cutting, the one-time setup charge is lower and better suited for smaller quantities. At CRGI, our over 25 years of experience with die cutting allows us to produce custom die cut parts with very short lead times – both samples and orders can be produced within very short lead times.

For larger production quantities, CRGI recommends rotary die cutting, a process we are now just adding to our arsenal of production equipment. With rotary die cutting, higher volumes can be produced at a lower per unit cost. CRGI can easily produce high-volume orders in less time with rotary die cutting than by any other method. We can produce these parts as individual pieces, or on rolls or sheets.

Custom die cut rubber parts which we produce are used in the general industrial, electronics, automotive, medical, military and aerospace industries. We die cut parts from a variety of materials, including rubber, foam and sponge, and others. For custom die cut rubber parts, CRGI is a company you can always depend on. We can expedite samples of custom die cuts within 24 hours and we have the ability to produce and ship small runs the very same day.

Our staff is always available to help you with your next project. Please fax us a drawing or send us a part and CRGI will quote your project within 24 hours. We combine many years of die cutting experience and broad product knowledge to help you find the right material for your application.

Contact our sales department at for more information on our custom die cut rubber parts and services.