Custom Fabricated Foam Products

A key aspect of our business is fabricating various products from rubber, foam, vinyl, and other materials. Over the years we have a developed a deep set of skills and expertise that allow us to successfully produce custom fabricated foam products which service a variety of industrial needs.

In our fabricating business, we work with a variety of foams, sheet rubbers, plastics, felts and other materials, together with fabricating, laminating and bonding techniques, This experience has allowed us to develop a number of diverse and innovative manufacturing capabilities. Indeed, our experience and expertise in foam fabrication has led us to develop products and parts for many diversified industries, including industrial, medical, commercial and military applications.

We manufacture custom fabricated foam products from essentially two types of foam: open cell foam and closed cell foam. Closed cell foam is manufactured so that the bubbles of the foam are completely encompassed within the liquid. When the liquid sets, the gases are entirely encapsulated within each individual bubble, creating a solid yet lightweight structure. Open cell foam, in contrast, is manufactured so that the bubbles burst during the foaming process to create an interconnected cellular network. This gives rise to a foam that is softer and more breathable than the closed cell type.

In addition to these two primary types of foam there is a third hybrid type: semi-open cell foam. This type of foam is created by physically bursting the closed foam cells during the manufacturing process to create an amalgam product which is softer and easier to compress.

Closed cell foam is especially useful for servicing any of these applications:

  • Thermal insulation

  • Seals, gaskets and stripping which protect against the intrusion of moisture, UV light, or dirt

  • Joint fillers and edge extrusions

  • Packaging

Open cell foam is especially useful for servicing any of these applications:

  • Seating

  • Automotive trim

  • Filters

  • Acoustic applications

  • Packaging

We can produce custom fabricated foam products from the foam types described above or, if desired, from alternative materials such as rubber sheet, cross-linked polyethylene, polyester, polyether, polystyrene, EMI/RFI materials, conductive materials, felts, and more.

All our fabricated foam products are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA). We can also provide lamination or bonding onto plastic or other substrates. If you’re unsure about which material you need, we will work with you to determine the best choice for your fabricated foam product.

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