Automotive Rubber Grommets

A very common product which Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRG) supplies to the automotive industry are molded rubber grommets. Automotive rubber grommets are widely used in the vehicle assembly process to protect wiring, cabling and other parts and components against mechanical damage.

Grooved grommets (also known as cable or wiring grommets) are a very common grommet type which CRG supplies. Grooved grommets are inserted into the holes drilled into panels or other surfaces through which wires and cables normally pass. Once inserted, the grommet’s groove holds it firmly in place. The grommet surrounds the wire or cable and protects it from mechanical forces, such as flexing, twisting and abrasion, that would likely occur without a grommet.

Other types of automotive rubber grommets that CRG can supply includes the following:

Edge grommets. These grommets are used to protect longer runs of wiring or cabling with traverses rough edges or surfaces. CRG can supply edge grommets as continuous strips of various sizes and lengths to suit the application at hand.

Strain relief grommets. These grommets are used for strain-relief purposes. Made from rubber or plastic, these grommets securely grip and anchor the cable or line which passes through them, thus relieving the stresses associated with pulling, twisting, or flexing.

Sleeved grommets. A grommet type with a tapered flexible sleeve which completely surrounds and encapsulates a wire or cable. Because the grommet is flexible at the sleeve end, the encapsulated wire can flex freely, thus preventing fracture or breakage.

CRG Automotive Rubber Grommets

CRG can supply automotive rubber grommets molded from a wide array of elastomers and other materials. For automotive applications, we can advise on the selection of materials designed to support severe-service conditions and withstand the effects of aging through exposure to the elements and UV light. Choosing the right grommet material is critical for ensuring reliability and durability, thus preventing failure and the need for replacement.

Over the years, CRG has supplied grommets to some of the world’s leading automakers, including GM, Ford, Chrysler, and others. In supplying leading automakers and their supply chains, CRG has acquired extensive experience in producing grommets for a wide variety of applications. Examples of grommet applications we have serviced include washer tank pump grommets, fuel pump grommets, firewall grommets, A-pillar grommets, and trunk grommets.

Value-adding services that CRG can provide for automotive rubber grommets include supplying grommets pre-lubricated to facilitate lineside insertion, kanban quantities, and inventory warehouse management to support JIT delivery. In every project, we offer material selection guidance, parts prototyping and PPAP, CAD drawing support, EDI, bar coding, and global logistics management.

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