Products from Conveyor Belting

Following on from our recent blog on conveyor belting as a versatile and durable material from which to fashion products, we offer a closer look at some of the parts and products that Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has provided for customers.

As noted in our previous blog, conveyor belting is an extremely hard-wearing material. The durability of conveyor belting makes it an excellent material from which to make parts and products that will be subjected to lots of wear and tear. The range of products that can be fashioned from conveyor belting is limited only by the creativity and capabilities of the manufacturer!

At CRGI, we use a variety of conveyor belting in various widths and thicknesses to manufacture finished products and parts. We work with belting from 24” to 72” in width, and from ¼” to 1”+ in thickness. Much of the conveyor belting we use to fabricate products is multi-ply in construction. Multi-ply belting offers a particular advantage in that the multiple layers of the belt prevent any punctures in manufactured products from propagating across the material.

Products that CRGI has fabricated from conveyor belting include the following:

  • Equipment pads. Durable pads on which to mount or situate equipment. These pads help protect equipment and operators by absorbing shocks and reducing vibration and noise.

  • Machine skirting. Machines and equipment can be the sources of spilled materials and all sorts of dirt and debris. Rubber skirts form tight seals on machines and equipment, helping to prevent and contain material spills.

  • Truck bed liners. Hard wearing impact liners for truck and trailer beds.

  • Dock bumpers. Thick rubber bumpers, designed to absorb the shocks from trucks and trailers backing into shipping/receiving docks.

  • Mud flaps. Heavy-duty flaps designed to reduce the amount of spray and mud thrown off by vehicle tires.

  • Snow plow blade deflectors. Rubber deflector strips, mounted on the top surface of a plow blade, to improve snow containment and blade efficiency.

  • Cab coverings. Thick conveyor belting can make an excellent covering for the open cabs of vehicles used in the forestry, resource extraction, and other industries.

  • Flooring and matting. Hard-wearing floor coverings for a variety of industrial and commercial uses.

  • Replacement belts for slingers and industrial equipment. We can fashion replacement belts for stone slingers and most types of industrial equipment.

  • Die cut products, including gaskets.

To find out more about any of these products, or how we can adapt conveyor belting to address your needs, please contact our sales department.