A New Alternative to Non-Asbestos Gaskets

Gaskets from NA 1122 Compressed Non-Asbestos (CNA) Sheet Material

In the current (April 2014) issue of MRO Magazine, CRGI fluid sealing specialist and Territory Manager Bill Searle highlights the availability of Teadit NA 1122 sheet as a new alternative to asbestos-based gaskets. NA 1122 is a Compressed Non-Asbestos (CNA) sheet rubber specially formulated for severe-service applications. CRGI is now stocking NA 1122 sheet and can produce high-temperature, high-pressure gaskets from it which are ideally suited for severe-service applications.

In the article, which is now available as a CRGI Whitepaper, Bill notes how, for over 50 years, the fluid sealing industry has been attempting, with limited success, to find an ideal solution to replace asbestos-based gaskets. The advent of NA 1122 sheet offers an exciting new option that meets the needs of users while avoiding all the hazards of using asbestos-based gaskets in the workplace.

“As I noted in my article, on June 30, 2013, the last Canadian manufacturer of asbestos sheet product, from which asbestos-based gaskets are made, announced that they would no longer be supplying asbestos sheet,” says Searle.  “This left a number of large users of asbestos-based gaskets looking for suitable alternatives to service their needs. While CRGI has offered non-asbestos gaskets for a number of years now, the NA 1122 sheet significantly expands our product portfolio with a high-performance sheet that is ideally suited to the demands of severe-service applications. With the NA 1122 sheet, users can now get a non-asbestos, severe-service gasket at similar cost to an asbestos-based product.”

Field and laboratory tests confirm that, even under severe application conditions, gaskets fabricated from NA 1122 sheet offer exceptional performance without leakage. In laboratory tests, NA 1122 sheet has reached its target of work above 800° F and 1480 psi without leakage. The maximum temperature limits of the Teadit NA 1122 product is 1022°F, and the maximum pressure limit is 2177 psi.

If you have a severe-service application that could benefit from NA 1122 gaskets while avoiding the hazards of an asbestos-based seal, please contact our sales department today at crg@canadarubbergroup.com or 1-888-668-0646. If you wish to obtain the CRGI Whitepaper on NA 1122 sheet authored by Bill Searle, please contact Bill directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com to request your copy.