Abrasion-Resistant Rubber Parts

Abrasion-resistant rubbers are especially formulated to withstand the extra wear and tear that results from mechanical abrasion. Unlike standard compounds, these rubbers will stand up to the forces of friction, scraping, and rubbing that are often encountered in severe service applications. Such applications are often found in equipment and machinery that is used in the mining and aggregates industries, as well as many industrial applications.

Applications which involve abrasion can significantly degrade rubber parts. The high frictional forces encountered in these applications not only wear the rubber, but they can also cause cracking of the compound which can lead to outright part failure. Parts which are fabricated from abrasion-resistant rubbers have a much greater ability to counter the forces of impacts, shocks, and abrasion. These super-tough rubbers will resist tearing or abrading, even under extreme operating conditions. Available in a wide variety of formulations, hardness, and thickness, these rubbers can be converted into finished parts which can protect equipment from accelerated wear and tear.

Abrasion-resistant rubber parts from CRG

CRG has wide experience and expertise in the production and fabrication of abrasion-resistant rubber parts. We stock a full range of abrasion-resistant rubbers from which we can fabricate parts for almost any high-abrasion application. Examples of abrasion-resistant parts we produce include the following:

  • Equipment skirting and guarding

  • Conveyor skirting

  • Bearing pads for mounting equipment and machinery

  • Covers and protectors

  • Equipment components and parts, including parts for crushers, grinders and other equipment used in the mining and aggregates industry.

  • Replacement belts for slingers and other aggregates handling equipment

  • Linings for chutes and launders

  • Snow plow blade deflectors

  • Vehicle mud flaps

  • Truck bed liners

  • Dock bumpers

  • Equipment pads

  • Automotive parts and components

If you are seeking the fabrication of abrasion-resistant rubber parts, CRG is your preferred source of supply. From product development, to prototyping and production we have the materials and the expertise to produce the part you need. All abrasion-resistant rubber parts we supply are custom fabricated to your specifications and requirements using the latest technology in our ISO 9001:2015 certified facility. Our extensive fabrication experience and capabilities also allow us to hand-fabricate parts with special geometries or sizes where needed.

For more information on the abrasion-resistant rubber parts which CRG can supply, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.