Adhesive-Backed Duct Liner

Adhesive-backed duct liner for thermal and acoustic applications

Duct liner is used primarily as acoustical liner in HVAC sheet metal ducts to absorb unwanted crosstalk, equipment and air movement noise. It also helps improve the energy-efficiency of the system by reducing heat gain or loss. In addition, duct liner helps minimize moisture problems due to condensation.

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), we produce adhesive-backed duct liner for HVAC applications. In producing the finished product, we laminate on to the duct liner a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. The adhesive backing greatly simplifies installation and keeps the liner in place once installed.

Duct liner we can supply includes that made from rotary spun glass fibers as well as that made from closed cell elastomeric sponge. Both types offer very high acoustical and thermal performance. Advantages of the duct liner materials we can supply include the following:

  • Noise absorbency. Our duct liners help absorb and attenuate equipment and air movement noises over a broad spectrum of sound. Noise is trapped and dissipated within the material.

  • Energy-saving thermal protection. All products offer excellent thermal-insulating properties, reducing heat or cooling losses. These thermal-insulating properties lower HVAC operating costs through decreased energy consumption, while also conserving natural resources and reducing environmental consequences.

  • Water resistance. Duct liners help control condensation, thus improving indoor air quality by reducing unwanted moisture.

  • Reduced air resistance. The smooth surfaces of our duct liners reduce air resistance to increase the efficiency of HVAC system operation.

  • Durability. Our duct liners are tough, durable and long-lasting, providing resistance against puncture, tearing and other damage during product fabrication and installation.

  • Easily installed. CRGI adhesive backed duct liners can be easily cut-to-size and installed. Once positioned in place, the high-tack adhesive backing holds the liner securely in place.

Adhesive-backed duct liner supplied by CRGI has application in HVAC systems, sheet metal ductwork, plenums, fan housings, mixing boxes, and furnaces. We can supply adhesive-backed duct liner in various widths, sized to customer requirements.

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