Air Intake Rubber Parts

The air intake system is a critical part of the automobile engine and engines used to power other equipment and machinery. To be efficient, an air intake system must be carefully designed and built to generate the required power with the least effort. Air intake rubber parts are a critical element of any well-designed and functioning system.

Air intake rubber parts encompass a variety of products, each of which can be deceptively complex. Rubber parts commonly used in air intake systems include ducts, mounts, hoses and couplings, elbows and adapters, seals, and plugs. These air intake rubber parts are used in both new vehicle and industrial equipment systems, and as replacement parts for older systems.

Preferred compounds for air intake rubber parts

Air intake rubber parts have to function in environments that are usually hostile, consisting of high temperatures and pressures. Parts must therefore be fabricated from rubber compounds and materials that can stand up to these harsh operating conditions. Preferred rubber compounds used for manufacturing air intake rubber parts included EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer), FKM (Fluorocarbon Rubber), and AEM (Acrylic Ester/Ethylene Copolymer).

Part design and fabrication critical

In addition to the requirement of being durable in harsh operating environments, air intake rubber parts must be designed to permit effective functioning of the air intake system. For example, flexible rubber elbows and adapters should have bend radii and smooth inside surfaces that minimize flow resistance within the air intake system.

CRGI has extensive experience in supplying automotive OEM’s and Tier 1-3 suppliers with a variety of air intake rubber parts. All products are supplied under our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and we are well-versed in meeting ASTM D2000 line call-outs, as well as the material specifications of major automakers.

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