All About Closed Cell Sponge

Closed cell sponge (or foam) is one of the two major categories of sponge material (the other category is open cell sponge). Closed cell sponge is a type of expanded rubber. Closed cell sponge is created when the bubbles produced during the manufacturing process are completely encompassed within the liquid raw material used to make the sponge. When the liquid sets, the gases are entirely encapsulated within each individual bubble, creating a solid yet lightweight structure.

Closed cell sponge is an extremely versatile material from which a variety of products can be fashioned. Because it is particularly good at keeping out moisture and water, closed cell sponge is very effective in applications where a watertight seal is required.

Closed-cell sponge does not have interconnected pores. As a result, closed cell sponge has a higher compressive strength than open cell sponge due to its structure. Closed cell sponge also possesses a higher dimensional stability, low moisture absorption coefficient, and higher strength compared to open cell sponge.

Closed Cell Sponge Applications and Products

At Canada Rubber Group Inc. we make a wide range of products from closed cell sponge which service a diverse range of applications and uses. These include parts for automotive vehicle applications and general industrial use. Examples of products and parts that we have produced from closed cell sponge include: washers; isolators; noise and vibration dampeners; dual extrusions; and weather stripping.

Closed cell sponge is an appropriate material to consider for any of the following types of applications:

  • Thermal insulation

  • Seals and gaskets which protect against the intrusion of moisture, UV light, or dirt

  • Joint fillers and edge extrusions

  • Packaging

Types of closed cell sponge material which we stock includes the following:

  • Closed cell neoprene sponge rubber

  • Closed cell blended sponge rubber

  • Closed cell EPDM sponge rubber

  • Closed cell PVC/NBR sponge rubber

  • Closed cell PVC sponge rubber

  • Closed cell urethane sponge rubber

  • Closed cell silicone sponge rubber

To see the physical properties of any of the above closed cell sponge materials, download our Foam and Sponge Materials PDF.

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