An Introduction to Industrial Rubber Matting

Industrial rubber matting available from CRGI

Installing industrial rubber matting in work areas is an excellent way to improve the safety, productivity, and ergonomics of any workplace. Rubber matting can be used to reduce worker stress and fatigue, improve safety by reducing slips and falls, and provide protection from static discharges and electrical shocks.

At CRGI, we carry a full line of industrial rubber matting, designed to service a wide variety of needs and applications. Because industrial rubber matting is such a versatile and useful product, in this blog I provide an overview of the types of matting available and the applications that can be served.

Runner Matting

This is an industry standard mat, frequently used in office hallways, plant walkways, etc. It is also often cut into pieces to cover the bottoms of employee lockers, mezzanines, etc. Runner mat is very flexible, easy to trim and roll out, and is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Other recent uses have been for dog runs at training and event facilities, where the matting is rolled out for the event and then rolled back up and stored.

Standard industrial quality rubber runner matting is available in wide rib, fine rib or diamond plate profiles in various colors and in standard widths of 24” or 36” wide. The thicknesses available are ⅛” thick or ¼” thick and typical roll lengths are 25 yards or 50 yards long depending on thickness selected.

Anti–Fatigue Matting

Anti-fatigue matting is designed to reduce worker fatigue that results from standing for long periods on hard surfaces. Anti-fatigue mats absorb the shock from standing and walking on hard surfaces, thereby reducing the stress placed on legs and feet.

Anti fatigue matting is produced in a variety of styles, thicknesses, sizes and colors. Some styles have a yellow safety edge color to alert people to the mat edge which could prevent tripping. Styles include rubber ribbed matting bonded to a ⅛” or ¼” thick closed cell neoprene sponge in standard 36” wide in part rolls or full rolls. Other styles are PVC and are available in rolls or mat sizes.  All styles reduce fatigue, some resist oils, chemicals, etc., and the newest styles can be used in welding stations as they have self-extinguishing properties. The real key to selection is the end-use and environment. For example, is the work area wet, or are there metal filings falling down, so slots or holes in the mat would keep them off the mat surface? There are also different qualities of anti-fatigue matting, so pricing could vary substantially if you buy a generic mat from a retailer versus custom industrial-quality matting.

Slip-Resistant Matting: PVC - Slotted, Solid, Profile Top

Slip-resistant mats provide additional traction and secure footing on wet or greasy surfaces. Use of slip-resistant mats on these areas allows you to provide a non-slip surface that prevents slips and falls.

Slip resistant matting is available in 100% recycled PVC in a variety of styles, sizes, thicknesses and colors. Most styles are self draining and suitable for wet areas or industrial applications. Most are easy to clean, slip resistant, easy to cut and fit. Available styles are UV resistant, flame resistant and self-extinguishing if ignited. They are recyclable and possess good dielectric strength, as well as resistance to grease, chemicals and alkali, reduce noise, etc. PVC styles have optional connector clips, edging strips, and flooring hooks for installation. Applications include industrial assembly lines, work stations, gyms, locker rooms, machine shops, etc.

Anti-Static Matting

Anti-static mats, or ground mats, eliminate static electric charges. These mats can be used to protect sensitive electronics and workers from the unpleasant effects of electro-static discharge.

Anti-static matting is usually available in widths of 3 and 4 feet. It is manufactured as a bulk continuous loop pile carpet with conductive fibers fused to a heavy duty vinyl. Non-slip foam backing and includes stock grounding cord. Typical mat thickness is 15mm.

Entrance matting

Entrance mats are used in commercial, institutional, and residential entrance ways to capture dirt, water and snow from persons entering the building. These mats reduce and control the incidence of tracked-in dirt.

This product line is available in a wide variety of styles such as drop ins for floor wells or mats with thousands of scraping “fingers” to remove dirt, snow and hide it from sight. Some styles contain PVC bars and inserts and others have high density brushes inserted. These mats are used for aggressive removal of dirt, mud, snow, grit for ski clubs, industrial or office entrances, construction trailers. Typical sizes are 24” x 32”, 32” x 39” and 36” x 72” for the concierge entrance mats with a bevel.

Food Service Matting

CRGI is your one-stop shop for all food service matting needs. We offer a full range of non-slip, anti-fatigue, drainage, and grease-proof mats for use in food service environments. A new product that we are now offering is non-slip matting for walk-in freezers and kitchens. This matting is thin enough to fit under the door threshold so that it can cover both the entrance and exit floor area of the freezer if needed. Grease-proof and cooking oil-proof matting is also now available. These mats are invaluable for use in fry areas, food-preparation areas, production lines, and other environments, such as garages, whose floor surfaces are subject to oil and grease contamination.

Electrical Switchboard Matting

This matting is used to insulate workers in high-voltage work areas and cover floor surfaces around high voltage electrical apparatus, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels, transformers and heavy machinery. Switchboard mats meet and exceed parameters of ASTM D-178-01, Type 1, Class 2 Dielectric Test 30,000 volts when new. Black fine rib matting is supplied as 36” wide x 75 foot-long rolls, or as cut-to-size mats. This matting is available with an orange safety stripe running the length of the roll, and can be cut into individual mat sizes for use in front of electrical panels or equipment.

Coco Matting

Economical, biodegradable and 100% natural fiber scraper mats are still available and used in entranceways to scrape away dirt and snow from shoes. Typical sizes range from 14” x14” up to 48” x 72” Thicknesses are typically 1¼”, and weights are 14 ounces per square foot

Used Heavy-Duty Conveyor Belting

Used conveyor belts are sometimes used as mats or runners in non critical applications and where cost is a factor. Typically used belts are good on one side and worn on the other side and not suitable to be used as conveyor belts any longer. Common thickness is in the ½” – ¾” range and widths can vary up to 96” wide; usually 24”-48” is most common width selected.

Pricing varies on the condition of the belt, but used belts are always lower-priced than new and offer an alternative solution for horse stalls, cow stalls, golf driving ranges, outdoor walkways, floor pad for placing steel coils, etc. A disadvantage to using used conveyor belting is that it often contains traces of whatever product it was previously conveying, meaning that there is the risk of harm if touched or inhaled. In recent years, imbalances in supply and demand have made used belting increasingly scarce, resulting in higher prices.

John Evans is a CRGI Territory Manager. John will be pleased to answer any questions about CRGI’s matting products or the applications they service. To obtain further information on any of the matting products that CRGI carries, please contact John directly at