Anti-Vibration Mounts and Pads Protect Equipment and Workers

A major factor which leads to the deterioration of equipment and machinery is vibration and noise. Vibration can lead to excessive wear and tear on equipment parts and components, as well as causing fatigue within structural members making up the equipment frame. All of these factors add to up a reduced equipment lifespan and higher operating costs due to downtime and increased spare parts consumption.

For workers, excessive vibration and noise from equipment can constitute a health risk. In particular, high noise levels can lead to hearing loss. While hearing protection should always be worn when noise levels are elevated, addressing the underlying cause of the noise should also be undertaken. Installing anti-vibration mounts and pads on equipment can often substantially reduce vibration and noise, creating a safer workplace in the process.

Canada Rubber Group (CRG) custom manufactures anti-vibration mounts and pads that are specifically designed to dampen and reduce equipment vibration and noise. These pads and mounts are available in a range of sizes and shapes designed to service a variety of equipment including plant machinery and equipment, engines, generators and transformers, pumps, compressors, and more. Specific pads and mounts we offer include the following:

  • Rubber pads and mounts for both standard and severe-service applications. Custom manufactured to your requirements, these rubber mounting pads dampen and suppress vibration and noise. For severe-service applications, we use rubber compounds specially formulated to withstand the rigors of this type of service.

  • Ribbed rubber equipment pads and mounts. These equipment pads utilize a ribbed rubber surface which flexes and serves to cushion vibration transmitted from the equipment onto the pad.

  • Buckfab and Fabreeka high-load equipment pads. The Buckfab pad is made from laminated plies of duck fabric and oil-resistant elastomer, and is designed to address conditions of extreme loading, shock, vibration, and noise. The Fabreeka pad is a laminated fabric-reinforced pad which will handle loads of not less than 12,000 psi before breakdown, thus providing additional durability and longevity in service.

  • Pipeline mounts. Made from silicone rubber to withstand weathering, these mounts are applied directly to the pipeline supports, either in the field or during the support manufacturing process. This results in a superior support that fully isolates the pipeline from the support infrastructure, thereby ensuring that there is no metal-to-metal contact that could compromise the integrity of the pipeline.

All our anti-vibration mounts and pads are custom manufactured to each customer’s requirements. Our sales team will be pleased to discuss your needs and propose an appropriate solution. We offer a wide range of rubber and other materials from which to fashion anti-vibration mounts and pads, and no job is too big or small.

To find out more about the anti-vibration mounts and pads we can supply, please contact our sales department at