Automotive Rubber-Metal Bushings

CRG products are widely used throughout the automotive industry to isolate vibration and noise, thereby increasing the reliability and life of vehicle systems and components while providing increased comfort for vehicle occupants. An important member of our product lineup are automotive rubber-metal bushings.

Automotive rubber-metal bushings provide vibration isolation and dampening to vehicle components. The bushings provide an isolating interface between vehicle components and the chassis or frame onto which they are mounted.

Automotive Rubber-Metal Bushings: Applications

Automotive rubber-metal bushings differ from "soft" bushings, which are made exclusively from rubber.  Rubber-metal bushings consist of two parts or aspects: a metal sleeve or casing into which a molded or extruded rubber insert is placed. The metal sleeve provides structural strength for load bearing, and also serves to limit the extent to which the enclosed rubber insert can flex or deform. The rubber insert in the bushing provides vibration dampening and isolation, and minimizes the transmission of vibrational noise onto the vehicle chassis and interior.

Some common vehicle applications for rubber-metal bushings include the following:

  • Under-the-hood mounts for engine parts and components

  • Engine crankshaft vibration dampening

  • Suspension system assemblies and components

  • HVAC system components

  • Exhaust system components

Automotive Rubber-Metal Bushings: Rubber Compounds

Metal sleeves used in rubber-metal bushings often consist of high-strength carbon steel, sometimes with an aluminum finish. Rubber inserts typically used in CRG automotive rubber-metal bushings include natural rubber (NR) and styrene butadiene rubber (SBR). Natural rubber possesses great tensile strength, making it resistant to damage from prolonged vibration, while styrene butadiene rubber possesses superior abrasion resistance.

Depending upon the specific vehicle application, a rubber other than NR and SBR may be used in rubber-metal bushings. For example, urethane rubbers are sometimes preferred for suspension applications as this rubber is stiffer and flexes less. The choice of the rubber compound to be used in a rubber-metal bushing should always be determined from a thorough evaluation of the specific vehicle application involved.

CRG has over 25 years’ experience in supplying automotive rubber products to vehicle OEM’s and their supply chains. We provide a full portfolio of services, including providing product development support through testing, proving and prototyping (including PPAP), material selection guidance, inventory warehouse management to support JIT delivery, CAD drawing support, EDI, bar coding, and global logistics management.

Many of the world’s leading automakers, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, and Mercedes-Benz, rely upon CRG to supply their automotive rubber needs.

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