Automotive Rubber Products: Custom Solutions Together with a Seamless Customer Experience

For over 25 years, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has been supplying leading automakers and their suppliers with automotive rubber products. We combine global manufacturing and sourcing with value added services to provide a totally seamless experience for our customers.

Automotive rubber products we can supply include the following:

  • Seals. We can supply seals and weather stripping that satisfy a diverse range of automotive applications, including: body; driveline; engine; steering and suspension; wheel-end; bearing; and doors, windows, hoods and trunks.

  • Pedal Pads. Pedal pads are a moulded rubber part that provides a vehicle pedal with extra grip and comfort. These parts can incorporate painted-on or over-moulded graphics into the pad. Our pedal pads are manufactured from materials that are easily shaped to provide traction and resist wear and tear. We produce pads for both new vehicle programs and after-market applications.

  • Isolators and Dampers. Isolators and acoustic dampeners are used to reduce the amount of audible vibration within a vehicle interior. They can be made from many different materials and the profile of each damper is application-specific. Our isolators and dampers are frequently made of felt, cork, or rubber, and the parts we manufactures range from specific 3D parts to sheeting.

  • Anti-Vibration Pads. Anti-vibration pads isolate shocks and dampen vibrations from moving parts and equipment. Anti-vibration pads supplied by CRGI are fashioned from materials that resist compression set, aging, and fluids. Our pads can be kiss cut and supplied on rolls for ease of installation.

  • Plenum Plugs. Plenum plugs allow for the evacuation or drainage of enclosures or chambers. Our plenum plugs are precision fabricated to provide a high-quality seal and maximum water drainage throughout their life cycle.

  • Grommets. A grommet is a ring inserted in a hole made through metal or other material. Grommets provide protection to objects, such as wires or cables, which pass through such openings. They are typically flared or collared to keep them in place, and may be fashioned from a variety of materials, including rubber or plastic.

  • Cuffs. A cuff is essentially a tube or sleeve with a flange on one end. Cuffs allow for quick changes to a system on the one end while still having a secure fitting on the other end. Because cuffs are often used in hostile environments, they may be fabricated from materials that are resistant to abrasion, solvents, and oils.

CRGI understands the importance of value-add in the supply of automotive rubber products. Our entire value chain is designed to provide a seamless customer experience while adding value every step of the way. Value-adding services we offer include program management, global logistics management, inventory warehouse management to support JIT parts provision, EDI and bar coding, and PPAP and 2D/3D CAD drawing support.

If you are interested in a cut, molded or extruded rubber solution for vehicle programs and applications, please contact our sales department at