Canada Rubber Group Inc. Campus

This month, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) launched its corporate university program, CRGI Campus. The aim of CRGI Campus is to help CRGI achieve its goals by fostering employee and organizational knowledge and learning.

“We know that to grow as a business we must continue to create and deliver superior value for our customers,” said CRGI president Gord Sirrs. “The Canada Rubber Group Inc. Campus is a key strategic initiative whose purpose is to help us develop our people and capacity for adding value by acquiring and accumulating learning, knowledge and wisdom.”

Canada Rubber Group Inc. is leading supplier of gasket and sealing solutions, and fabricated products made from rubber and other advanced materials. The company operates from its global headquarters in Bowmanville, Ontario, a suburb of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). CRGI supplies products for a variety of industrial applications, including those in the industrial equipment and machinery, electronics, healthcare, construction, automotive, resources, and military sectors.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. Campus: Purpose and Aims

First and foremost, the CRGI Campus is focused on the development of employees. Courses are designed to introduce employees on learning and knowledge in important subject areas, including introductory rubber chemistry, basic and advanced rubber materials, foams and sponges, manufacturing methods, and applications, innovation and sustainability. Corporate faculty and subject matter experts collaborate on the delivery of courses.

“Our employees are our greatest asset,” says Sirrs. “Developing our people means giving them the learning and knowledge they need to enable us to serve our customers better. As individuals and as a company, it is important for us to stay ahead of the dynamic changes taking place in materials and processes, and to leverage that for the benefit of our customers.”

CRGI Campus courses are held onsite and are open to all employees as well as invited suppliers and customers. The employee response to the initiative has been overwhelmingly positive. “Our employees really appreciate the opportunity to learn and deepen their knowledge base,” said CRGI vice president of operations, Kevin Ferguson. “Our business has a high technical component, as we are often working with elastomers and other materials whose properties need to well-understood and managed to enable high-quality manufacturing and fit with customer applications. Learning is critical to our success as a company.”

As CRGI’s business grows, CRGI Campus will evolve and new course offerings will be added in response to the company’s learning needs. Already new course offerings beyond the current modules are into their design and development phase.

“One thing is for sure and that is that we cannot stand still as a business,” says Sirrs. “The Canada Rubber Group Inc. Campus will play a key role in the development and evolution of our business and shape how we continuously improve to serve customers”.

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