Canada Rubber Group Inc.: Welcome and President’s Message

Welcome to our blog! I’m Gord Sirrs, president of Canada Rubber Group Inc. Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) is an industry leader in providing fabricated rubber products, including gaskets and seals, automotive products, and flexible doors.

For our first blog I want to explain the thinking behind the blogging. As part of our decision to launch an improved web presence to better communicate with our customers, we have launched our corporate blog. You will find it right here, on the CRGI website, and it will be loaded with all kinds of useful pieces of information for our customers, from tips and tricks on how to better select and use our products, to highlighted customer case studies and the latest in rubber materials and technology, to customer collaboration opportunities.

We will also sharing insights about our company, such as our unique culture, our ‘no compromise’ commitment to best practice, our rapid growth story, our recognized product innovation, and our customer-centric focus. We are a growth company on the move and we’d love to share our stories with you!

To that end, I think it is fitting that our first post relates to our customer-centric focus. At the end of the day, without customers, you are not in business. And, without satisfied customers, you’re not in business for very long! We are proud of the thousands of customers that we serve throughout North America and we’ve been really privileged to work with an amazing lineup of people during our 25-plus years in business. Our customers, and our suppliers, really do represent the heart of CRGI.

How have we been able to build such an extensive and loyal customer base? For us, it boils down to putting customers at the very centre of our business – of understanding their needs first time and every time, offering unsurpassed quality and service, and following through on every commitment we ever make.

We also expect our customer to hold us accountable for the commitments we make. We are relentless in measuring and tracking our progress against our customer commitments, and we are fully committed to continuously improving our products and services. To ensure that we’re on top of our customers’ expectations and needs, we make regular account calls to each of them. And, all of the CRGI team is fully committed to our 24-Hours or Less policy to ensure that our customers get what they need, when they need it.

The best place to understand a business isn’t just the CEO’s office or the factory floor. It is my hope that the forthcoming posts in this blog will give you a real sense of CRGI. I hope it will be interesting, surprising, provocative and entertaining, and that it will be, above all, us.

One final footnote. A blog should kick off a conversation, not a monologue, so we encourage and invite your feedback, good or bad, together with your ideas, corrections, and criticisms. Please use the comments boxes to submit any feedback you may have, and know that we value every response we receive.