Carbon Compression Packing

Carbon compression packing is the packing of choice for the harshest operating conditions. Packing made from carbon fibers has excellent strength and durability, making it an extremely tough packing. More durable than graphite packing, carbon compression packing is more resistant to abrasive media and is able to handle the higher compressive loads that are required for high-pressure applications.

Carbon compression packing comes in two types: pitch-based and PAN (polyacrylonitrile)-based carbon filament yarns. Both types possess excellent physical properties and will service fluid sealing applications with temperatures up to 850°F (atmospheric) and 1200°F (steam). The pH range is 0-14 for both types of yarns.

A key attribute of carbon compression packing is its shaft speed capability at 4000fpm. Carbon compression packing works very well in high-speed applications. Coupled with its ability to handle corrosive and caustic media, carbon compression packing is a material of choice for severe-service applications.

Most manufacturers of carbon compression packing will produce product compliant with API-607 fire-safe certification requirements. Such product is the most versatile carbon compression packing, suitable for use in a wide range of applications, temperatures and equipment, including pumps and valves.

In cases where you are unsure about an application, or have a stuffing box that is particularly problematic, carbon compression packing can often solve the problem. For example, condensate pumps run at very high speeds and it can often be difficult to achieve a leak-free seal. Using carbon compression packing together with a few rings of graphite-based compression packing will often solve this problem.

An important consideration when choosing a carbon compression packing is the quality of the product. Always select packing with 95 per cent purity. This assures that you are getting packing that is made from carbon yarns having 95 per cent minimum carbon.

Carbon compression packing can be more expensive than other types of compression packing. Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) carries carbon compression packing manufactured by Teadit North America. These quality packings provide premium performance at a cost significantly lower than that of packing from other manufacturers. To see the full range of Teadit North America compression packing we carry, download our PDF or contact our sales department today.

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