Chute and Launder Linings

Following on from our blog on wear resistant rubbers, this blog highlights the chute and launder linings that Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) can supply.

Chutes and launders are used extensively in the mining and resources industries to convey slurries or aggregates from one point to another. A chute is a channel typically used to convey materials from one elevation another, while a launder is usually a trough or channel along with materials are moved or conveyed. Lining chutes and launders with rubber linings can significantly reduce wear and tear, while also improving conveying efficiency.

Chutes and launders are high-abrasion applications. Slurries and aggregates impose severe abrasion on chutes and launders, resulting in high wear and tear on the equipment. Using good quality liners can mitigate the abrasive effects of slurries and aggregates moving through the equipment.

Chute and launder linings supplied by CRGI are manufactured using a rubber compound designed specifically for high wear conditions. The linings may be bonded onto the metal surfaces of the chute or launder, or supplied as a lining sleeve which may be fitted into the equipment with fasteners. The wear-resistant rubber we use for chute and launder linings provides a smooth and slick surface which enhances the flow of slurries and materials through the equipment, eliminating material build-up and blocking. The wear-resistant properties of the rubber increase mean running time and deliver significant savings in the costs associated with equipment downtime and repair.

Rubber compounds that we typically use for chute and launder linings include the following:

SBR rubber with synthetic fabric. This rubber has a synthetic fabric making the rubber extremely resistant to tearing and stretching. It is typically used in chutes as an abrasion and tear resistant liner and is often mechanically fastened to the chute by elevator bolts. The fabric backing assists in fastener retention.

Dura-Shield is a wear resistant rubber from American Biltrite from which we can fashion chute and launder linings. Dura Shield offers outstanding performance in both wet and dry conditions. The material prevents corrosion, increases service life, has excellent tear and abrasion resistance, and withstands a wide variety of chemicals. Dura Shield has a unique bonding layer makes it easy to install, and the material has excellent adhesion to rubber, wood and metal.

Dura Shield A+ is formulated by American Biltrite to withstand the most severe application conditions. It is a preferred choice material for chute and launder linings in mining, cement, concrete and aggregate applications where extreme abrasion resistance is critical. Parts and components fabricated from Dura Shield A+ deliver 36 percent to 49 percent better abrasion resistance than other materials.

For further information on the chute and launder linings which CRGI can supply, please contact our sales department at