Closed Cell Silicone Sponge

Closed cell silicone sponge is a core material type that CRG uses to fabricate a variety of products for customers. This material is a good choice in applications where sealing against the ingress of water and moisture is desired.

About Closed Cell Silicone Sponge

Closed cell silicone sponge is often referred to as “expanded silicone.” The material is produced when uncured gum silicone is cured at high temperature and allowed to expand to a pre-determined thickness. The term “closed cell” is used because, as the gum silicone cures and expands, it produces a cellular structure within the material where the cells are completely enclosed and non-interconnecting. The resulting sponge is relatively impervious to the transmission of water or moisture through its structure, hence its use in applications where a waterproof seal is desired.

Benefits of closed cell silicone sponge include the following:

  • Wide temperature resistance. Closed cell silicone sponge has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures, able to withstand temperatures in excess of 230°C (446°F) and as low as -60°C (-76°F). This property makes closed cell silicone sponge an ideal material choice in applications that experience either extreme heat or cold.

  • Low compression set. Closed cell silicone sponge resists compression set and deformation under compressive load. This property makes it a preferred material for many sealing applications.

  • Food safe. Silicone is an inert polymer, meaning that it is essentially non-reactive. This property makes silicone a preferred material for applications in the food and beverage industry as the material exerts little to no effect on the products themselves. For this reason, some closed cell silicone sponges are FDA-approved for use in food-grade applications.

  • High resistance to ozone and UV. Unlike some other rubbers, silicone exhibits very good resistance to breakdown from ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) light. Thus, closed cell silicone sponge is an excellent material choice for outdoor applications where degradation from weathering and sunlight are a concern.

  • Water and moisture resistance. Since its cellular structure is self-contained and non-interconnected, closed cell silicone sponge offers good sealing against the ingress of water and moisture.

CRG Closed Cell Silicone Sponge Products

CRG uses a variety of closed cell silicone sponges to fabricate a wide array of products, tapes and parts. Many of these products service applications in the general industrial, food production, medical devices, healthcare, automotive and mass transit, and other markets. Examples of products we have manufactured from closed cell silicone sponge include the following:

  • Gaskets and seals. Die cut or CNC cut gaskets and seals from closed cell silicone sponge for industrial, automotive, food grade and medical device applications.

  • Stripping and insulation. Stripping and insulation for industrial and automotive applications.

  • NVH products. Products for reducing noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) in industrial and automotive applications.

  • Miscellaneous die and CNC cut parts. Using our die or CNC cutting technologies, we can prototype and fabricate a variety of parts from closed cell silicone sponge.

  • Custom fabricated products. Our fabrication specialists can custom produce products from closed cell silicone sheet that will satisfy almost any application.

  • Silicone gasket tapes. We can slit and cut closed cell silicone gasket tapes, laminated with an adhesive backing.

If you have an application that requires products fabricated from closed cell silicone sponge, consider CRG as your preferred source of supply.

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