Compression Packing for Abrasive Applications

The quality and performance of compression packing has improved in leaps and bounds over the last fifteen years. Until fairly recently, the only choice of compression packing for abrasive applications was Kevlar® packing. This compression packing was used almost exclusively for applications involving mining slurries, sewage treatment, and all high-heat abrasive applications.

Today, Kevlar® packing is rarely recommended for abrasive applications, mainly because while the packing withstood the media it was required to seal, it almost always invariably failed. The main reason for the failure was because the Kevlar® in the packing was itself too abrasive toward the pump shaft and sleeve, quickly wearing out one or both elements.

With the introduction of carbon-based packing with infused lubricants throughout the packing yarn, it is now possible to achieve a superior, long-lasting seal in abrasive applications. With carbon-based packing, it is possible to avoid the wear problems of Kevlar® while still achieving a leak-free seal.

When choosing carbon-based compression packing for abrasive applications, consider your pump speed. If it is less than 300 RPM, Teadit style 2002 packing is an excellent choice. This packing will work very well in any abrasive application you can throw at it, from thick pulp stock to asphalt and sewage slurries.

If your application is operating with a pump speed over 300 RPM, I highly recommend you add one or two rings of encapsulated graphite packing with carbon corners. This will add lubrication and offset any wear you may encounter due to the higher pump speed.

PAN (polyacrylonitrile) or pitch-based carbon yarns are acceptable compression packing for abrasive applications. Carbon yarn works very well under extremely high speeds and temperatures, making carbon-based yarns your first choice for abrasive applications every time.

Using carbon-based compression packing for abrasive applications will reduce your maintenance costs in the long run. Longer-lasting, more durable packing results in less re-packs, thereby consuming less maintenance time, resources, and material. In addition, the greater reliability of carbon-based compression packing in abrasive applications will result in superior equipment uptime and performance. The bottom line is that choosing the right compression packing for abrasive applications will save your company time and money!

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) carries a full line of quality compression packing, including carbon-based packing, manufactured by Teadit North America. To find out how CRGI can help with your compression packing needs, contact our sales department at