CRGI Industrial Rubber Matting and Flooring Solutions

CRGI extends its industrial rubber matting solutions

We are pleased to announce that we have now extended the industrial rubber matting and flooring solutions we can offer to customers. These solutions are made from the latest materials and service a wide variety of applications.

Our industrial rubber matting solutions add safety and comfort to any location. We can supply industrial rubber matting solutions as fully finished mats, customized to size and application, or as matting material supplied by the roll. Applications we can service with our industrial rubber matting solutions include: slip-resistant matting; anti-fatigue matting; food services matting; anti-static matting; and high-voltage insulating matting.

In addition to our industrial rubber matting solutions, CRGI can also supply FAA-approved resilient sheet vinyl flooring solutions that are ideal for use in aviation and marine applications. These innovative and precision-crafted floor coverings are fire-retardant, slip-resistant, and sound-dampening, while being eco-friendly and microbial-resistant.

Specific types of industrial rubber matting solutions that we offer include the following:

Vynagrip heavy duty slip-resistant matting. Featuring a diamond tread surface that provides excellent slip-resistance and superior comfort. Made from 100% PVC, this mat is chemical and fire resistant, and is very easy to clean. Standard colour: Black.

Heronair light duty slip-resistant matting. A self-draining, slip-resistant mat that creates maximum “cushion comfort” underfoot. Ideal for medium duty industrial applications. Standard colour: Black.

Heronrib slip-resistant matting. Provides excellent slip-resistance and comfort in showers, change rooms, physiotherapy and other bare-foot applications. Standard colours: Oxford Blue, Ocean Blue, Mulberry Red, and Gray.

At-Ease anti-fatigue matting. A hard-wearing workstation mat, manufactured by sealing two high-quality foam layers between commercial grade vulcanized rubber. Provides excellent relief to workers in standing work areas and is the mat of choice for many retail and commercial applications. Beveled on all 4 sides. Available in Black only.

Workstation Plus anti-fatigue matting. This mat features a non-directional cast vinyl industrial surface bonded to a high quality foam base. Provides superior traction, while preventing trips and falls, and is resistant to many oils, lubricants, and chemicals. An ideal choice where for providing workers with comfort and relief in standing work areas. Available in Black, with or without yellow edging.

Pillomat anti-fatigue matting. Manufactured from flexible air-filled PVC tubes in a grid formation. Provides a high-level of comfort in dry areas, and offers abrasion resistance as well as shock absorbing qualities which can protect delicate instruments and components. Standard colour: Black.

Utopia Pebble anti-fatigue matting. Manufactured from high quality closed cell PVC foam with a pebble slip-resistant surface. A value choice for combating fatigue while standing and ideal for dry industrial workstations, packaging areas, and processing plants. Beveled edge along the length only. Available only in Black.

Stat-Zap anti-static carpet. Dissipates static electricity and helps protect sensitive electronics. Mats include a stock grounding cord.

Switchboard high-voltage insulator matting. Designed to insulate workers in high-voltage areas and prevent shock around high-voltage electrical apparatus, fuse boxes, switchgear, control panels, and heavy machinery.  Meets and exceeds the parameters of ASTM D-178-01. Type 1, Class 2 Dielectric Test: 30,000 volts when new. All mats come with an orange safety stripe.

Grip Rock® food services matting. For food preparation areas, washing areas, beverage stations, wet ramps, and hospitals. Top surface consists of white/brown ceramic beads and crushed garnet, overlain on a middle area of fibreglass with a polyurethane backing.

To find out more about any of these industrial rubber matting and flooring solutions, please contact our sales department today.