CRGI Salutes our Canadian Olympians

With the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia now only a few days away, all of us at CRGI would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to our Canadian Olympic athletes as they prepare for their upcoming competitions. We know all our athletes have been training hard for this moment, and we know that every one of them will give their very best in their quest for excellence.

What makes an Olympic athlete tick? We think there are three defining characteristics:

First, they are persistent. No Olympian ever achieves anything if their commitment to their chosen sport wavers. Whether it is merely qualifying for the Games, achieving a personal best or winning a medal, never giving up is required to achieve success.

Second, they are passionate. No Olympic athlete who is lukewarm about their sport will ever achieve anything. Passion means that an athlete will be intensely motivated to overcome any adversity or obstacle that may block the way to success.

Third, they work on getting better each and every day. Every Olympic athlete is always looking for ways to continuously improve their performance.  With the help of their coaches and trainers, Canada’s Olympic athletes achieve continuous improvement with constant examination and measurement. The proof of their success can be measured in seconds and inches, and in personal bests and world records.

At CRGI we share the same spirit and commitment to excellence as our Olympians. Every day, we are passionately committed to improving our business system and processes to add better value for our customers. Like our Olympic athletes, we measure key areas of our business performance, and strive to excel in all critical-to-customer satisfaction activities.

For an Olympic athlete, no continuous improvement will ever take place without the athlete themselves being closely involved in the improvement process. Similarly, at CRGI, our employees are our Olympians and we value the participation and contribution from all our personnel to improve our business. Without our employees’ engagement and involvement, no improvement would ever take place.

So, good luck to all of the Canadian athletes at the XXII Winter Olympic Games! CRGI is proud of our Olympics team, and we wish the best to each of our Canadian Olympians. We’re cheering you on from Bowmanville, Ontario!