Custom Plastics Machining: What to Look for in a Supplier

In today's global marketplace, buyers of parts and components produced by custom plastics machining have a wide variety of suppliers to choose from. This blog highlights five key factors that  buyers should look for when sourcing custom plastics machining services.

1. Technology base

It will always be preferable to work with suppliers who have the latest CNC production technology allied to skilled workers. These suppliers will be able to produce parts to close tolerances while keeping part quality and finish consistently high.

2. Materials expertise and selection

There are a wide variety of plastic materials available on the market today. The best suppliers know their materials and know the latest materials available on the marketplace. These suppliers will be able to provide superior guidance on material selection, ensuring that the right material is chosen for a given application. Choosing the wrong material, or a material which is not exactly right, can result in misapplication challenges later on.

3. Application expertise

Material knowledge is one thing, application knowledge is another. The latter should always precede the latter. Choose a supplier who knows how to undertake a comprehensive application review to determine how a finished part will be used. A good application review will identify all the requirements that the finished part must satisfy, and is critical for ensuring that the right material is chosen.

In addition, some suppliers will specialize in serving a narrow range of industry applications, while other suppliers will serve a broader range. It is important to choose a supplier who has experience in serving your particular application - choosing a supplier with limited experience in servicing your specific application may increase the risk of misapplication issues arising post-sale.

4. Quality assurance and control

Good suppliers produce their output under controlled conditions. These suppliers know their process capability and only take on jobs where they have confidence that customer requirements can be fully satisfied. The best suppliers use a disciplined approach to quality assurance, employing best practices such as an ISO 9001 quality management system to ensure that customer requirements are consistently met.

5. Customer service and support

A good supplier will support their customer through all stages of the supply process. This includes application review, material selection, prototyping if required, parts production, packaging and shipping, and post-sales support.

CRG is a full-service provider of custom plastics machining services to the industrial and automotive markets. We employ the latest CNC machining technology and all parts are produced in our ISO 9001-registered facility. Our experienced team uses a structured approach to reviewing each customer’s application, while providing the guidance needed to ensure that the right material is chosen for each job.

For over 25 years, CRG has been an industry leader in the conversion and fabrication of parts from flexible materials, including elastomers, foams and sponges, non-wovens, and plastics. We offer industry-leading responsiveness and fast order turn-around, supporting our customers through all stages of the buying process.

If you are seeking custom plastics machining services, CRG will be pleased to review and discuss your needs. To find out more about our services, please contact our sales department at