Custom Rotary Die Cut Products

An important aspect of Canada Rubber Group Inc.’s (CRGI) business is the supply of custom rotary die cut products. These products are made from a variety of materials and service numerous industrial and automotive applications.

Materials from which we can manufacture custom rotary die cut products include thinner-gauge materials such as flock, felt, rubber (including silicone and non-silicone), foam and sponge, insulating materials, composites, and EMI/RFI shielded foils and films, and laminates. Using our rotary die cutting process, adhesive backed materials can be fabricated into predefined shapes and sizes.

With the rotary die cutting process, CRGI can rapidly manufacture custom rotary die cut products that are precision-cut to high accuracy and tight tolerances. This process enables us to achieve very short order turnaround times, compared to traditional die cutting methods, even when high production volumes are involved.

CRGI can supply custom rotary die cut products for both industrial and automotive applications. Products we can supply include gaskets and seals, washers, spacers, insulation, etc. Rotary die cutting is a high-speed production process which is a preferred method of production for high-volume orders.  The rotary process ensures tight tolerances and has the advantage of integrating multiple operations within a single pass. Complex cutting operations, such as kiss cutting, can be easily performed using a rotary die cutting process.

For automotive applications, rotary die cutting can ensure consistent quality in produced parts as well as supply in the volumes that OEM’s and their suppliers typically require. Automotive custom rotary die cut products are usually supplied in roll form to enable ready use at lineside. We offer full program support, and parts can be produced on-demand or to forecast, and we can offer specialized supply arrangements, such as JIT or kanban, if required.

Typical services CRGI offers include CAD/CAM support, short run and high-volume production, prototyping, and quality control via our ISO 9000 certified quality management system. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will be pleased to assist with concepts, manufacturing costs, manufacturing techniques, and material considerations and selection.

To find out more about our rotary die cutting services, please contact our sales department at