Custom Rubber Solutions

A core competency at CRGI is our capacity for innovation to solve customer problems. In our 25-plus year history, customers have turned to CRGI to help solve their issues and challenges through custom rubber solutions and products.

Occasionally, some customers require innovated solutions to address their unique challenges. In these instances, standard industry solutions and products just won’t do – a solution specific to the challenge at hand has to be created and produced.

Custom Rubber Solutions: A Problem only CRGI Could Solve

Recently, a customer came to CRGI seeking a modification to a number of 70”-long rubber seals, each of which had a steel insert running down their length. The modification involved precision-cutting a shallow groove, 5/8” wide and 1/32” deep, down the entire length of each seal. The groove was supposed to have been included in the original gasket design, but for some reason had been overlooked by the designer.

Other manufacturers were unable to help the customer, stating that the grooving operation could not be carried out with sufficient precision to avoid damaging the steel insert. CRGI, however, found a solution. By innovating a custom jig in which to hold the gasket, we were able to precision-cut the groove without damaging the seal or the steel insert. The bottom line – by successfully cutting the groove in each seal, the customer saved over $100,000 in seals that would otherwise have been discarded.

Helping Customers to Succeed with Custom Rubber Solutions

As our customers grow their businesses, changing and improving their products and processes to deliver greater value, CRGI has helped along the way by creating custom rubber solutions from the most advanced materials.

When a flooring solutions manufacturer needed a supplier for their innovative new floating floor installation system, CRGI was ready to help. Using our advanced production technology and extensive materials knowledge, we were able to help the customer to rapidly introduce their product to the marketplace and exploit their first-mover advantage.

In our 25-plus year history, there have been many examples like these where CRGI has helped our customers to overcome their challenges with custom rubber solutions. In 2015 we have deepened our capability for innovation by expanding our materials portfolio to include new offerings such as transparent conductive film, memory foam, and more.

If you need custom rubber solutions for unique applications, CRGI has the experience to produce effective and innovative solutions. Customers from many industries have worked with CRGI to identify the key design features specific to their needs, creating prototypes, and producing an effective custom rubber solution that addresses the problem at hand. If you would like more information on how CRGI can help address your needs through a custom rubber solution, please contact our sales department at