Enlast Alumina Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic linings and abrasion-resistant tiles can be used to prevent destructive wear in equipment used in conveying, processing, and storage applications. In these applications, the deterioration that results from the abrasive contact of material on equipment surfaces can lead to excessive wear and tear, leading to equipment failure and downtime. Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) is now offering a solution to this problem through Enlast alumina ceramic tiles.

About Enlast Alumina Ceramic Tiles

Enlast™ alumina ceramic tiles are composed of a variety of high-purity ceramic materials which are easy to clean and will not filter into any food products. In addition to possessing excellent wear-resistant properties, these tiles are also fire-resistant and will not oxidize.

Enlast alumina ceramic tiles provide a wear-resistant surface that lasts considerably longer than stainless steel or Ni-hard casting. These high-purity tiles are a proven choice wherever corrosion, erosion, wear and sliding abrasion is a concern.

Enlast Alumina Ceramic Tiles: Applications

Enlast alumina ceramic tiles will effectively prolong the service life of equipment and are considered to be the best choice when seeking anti-wear and anti-corrosion material and lining solutions. These tiles can be used to address wear and corrosion in agricultural, general industrial, mining and food processing applications. CRGI can also supply Enlast alumina ceramic tiles for the coal, steel, pulp and paper and power industries.

Enlast ceramic tiles can be used as a lining in shaped equipment parts and components, as well as piping. The tiles provide a smooth surface that is highly resistant to wear and corrosion. Enlast alumina ceramic tiles are available in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, and can be custom ordered to fit specific equipment and parts. Available tile shapes include square, rectangular, hexagonal, and others upon request. For applications involving curvatures, Enlast tiles are available with a mesh backing and bevelled edges which allow the tile to flex and mold appropriately to curved surfaces.

Typical properties of Enlast alumina ceramic tiles are given below. (Properties shown are typical values and are listed for information purposes. Not to be used for writing specifications. End user must conclude the material is appropriate for their application requirements):

Al2O3 content


Bending Strength (20°C mohs)

355 MPa


≥3.60 g/cm3

Flexibility Modulus (20°C)

275 GPa

Hardness (Rockwells)


Compressive Strength (20°C)

2500 MPa



Wearing Rate:


Fracture Toughness

3.65 MPa


3 MP.a1/2

To find out more about Enlast alumina ceramic tiles, please contact CRGI at crg@canadrubbergroup.com.