Environmental Sustainability at CRG

At Canada Rubber Group (CRG), we believe that we have a responsibility to do our part in protecting the planet’s resources. Through our recycling and conservation efforts, our investments in modern technologies, and our new partnership with Durham Sustain Ability, CRG aims for environmental sustainability through minimizing our environmental footprint and helping ensure a greener tomorrow for future generations. Here are the core elements of our environmental sustainability program:

1. Recycling Program

Our CRG recycling program is a critical part of minimizing landfill-bound waste. vice president Kevin Ferguson adds, “We’ve taken definitive action in deciding to recycle rubber waste rather than send it on to landfill. We have a recycling program which diverts scrap from landfill to environmentally-friendly recycling methods.”

CRG’s commitment to recycling materials takes two forms. First, we make sure that our scrap materials go to recycling facilities instead of landfills. These recycling facilities grind rubber scrap into crumb rubber which is used to create new sheets of recycled rubber materials. Secondly, we stock recycled rubber materials as an economical choice for suitable applications.

2. Investment in Low Scrap Technology

CRG uses the latest technologies which ensure minimal scrap is produced during manufacturing. Our equipment uses sophisticated computer software which helps us make better manufacturing decisions which produce less waste.

“CNC technology has allowed us to greatly reduce the amount of waste stream from our manufacturing processes,” comments CRG president Gord Sirrs. “As a result, we have much less waste which has to be recycled.”

3. Partnership with Durham Sustain Ability

CRG has recently become an active member with Durham Sustain Ability (DSA), a not-for-profit organization which aims to provide tools, education, and resources to the local community in order to promote positive environmental action.

A major goal of the DSA is to help to showcase Durham Region as a thriving, low carbon community where businesses can and will take actions to reduce their own carbon emissions and are involved in combating harmful climate change in the region and beyond with the added benefit of overall increased profitability. Through its Durham Partners in Project Green (DPPG), the DSA will work with member companies like CRG to implement its carbon target-setting framework for reducing and managing Durham Region’s carbon emissions.

“As a DSA member, we are fully committed to doing our part to reduce carbon emissions with our community,” notes Sirrs. “We look forward to working with the DSA to foster sustainable practices within our business and community.”

Looking Forward

CRG continually seeks innovative ways to minimize our environmental footprint and to support environmental initiatives such as those carried out by Durham Sustain Ability. We encourage the Durham business community to work together for a greener future.