Fabricated Rubber Products: Hoofeeze Boot

An interesting rubber product that Canada Rubber Group Inc. is now supplying is the Hoofeeze boot. The Hoofeeze boot is a relatively new addition to our product line and will be of interest to those who work with, or treat, horses and other hoofed animals.

The Hoofeeze boot is actually a range of first aid products designed for equine and veterinary uses. The product assists in the treatment of hoof conditions, including bruises, puncture wounds, infections and abscesses. The Hoofeeze boot can also be used to prevent kicking and scratching by horses, as well as in surgical settings to minimize the risk of injury or damage to surgical staff or expensive equipment.

The Hoofeeze boot is not intended for riding work or turnout, but the product has been used sucessfully for short in-hand walks and in the stable. Hoofeeze can be used with solemates, pads, or poultices, or on its own.

The Hoofeeze boot is very soft and pliable and is made from a breathable, high impact resistant Neoprene rubber combined with flexible closed cell Neoprene sponge. The boot features a supple, but tough, upper sole together with a sturdy patterned lower sole. Extremely strong and durable, the Hoofeeze boot assists equine veterinarians and trainers in the treatment and healing of hoof ailments, such as poulticing for stone bruising or hoof abscesses and other infections without the need for bandaging.

The Hoofeeze poultice boot has a tough but flexible rubber sole with a Neoprene sleeve vulcanized to the internal surface. The Neoprene cuff allows stretching for ease of fitting, while providing comfort and mobility when fastened. The boot is secured with a Velcro tab and straps, thus ensuring a skin-tight fit which is flexible and breathable and almost impossible to remove by accident. A major advantage of the boot is the ability to maintain a clean environment for the repair of the hoof ailment in a range of ground conditions.

Hoofeeze boots are extremely easy to care for. The boots may be washed in cold water and should be allowed to fully dry before the next use. They are also machine washable if desired. The boots are available in three sizes: small, medium and large. If desired, the boots may be packed with medication if desired during treatment.

To find out more about the Hoofeeze boots, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.