Fabricated Rubber Products: We Still Do Hand Made!

In this age of automation, hand-fabrication can seem like a relic of yesteryear. However, when it comes to fabricated rubber products, hand-made products are still very much in demand, since there are some things that just cannot be done on a machine. At Canada Rubber Group (CRG), while we use the most advanced production technology, we also rely on our highly skilled fabrication team to produce just about anything from a wide range of elastomers and other materials.

The very nature of fabricated rubber products implies a high degree of customization. In the over-25 years that CRG has been in business, we have supplied many customers with hand-built rubber products that are customized to their unique requirements. Many of these fabricated rubber products had to be created from scratch to solve a particular challenge, or to replicate a part that was no longer available. In most cases, the products were made, either wholly or in part, by hand.

Cumulatively, CRG’s rubber fabrication team has well over a hundred years of experience in creating fabricated rubber products. Our team’s skills include cutting, bonding (including rubber to metal bonding), slitting, laminating, skiving, splicing and dovetailing, buffing and finishing, and more. Much of our fabrication team’s work is highly specialized, performed by hand, and supplemented only by machine when needed.

Examples of fabricated rubber products which our fabrication team have created over the years include the following:

  • Custom fabricated parts for equipment and machinery, including mounting pads and skirting and guarding

  • Bearing pads and cushions

  • Sleeves – standard, tapered and two-stage

  • Chutes

  • Gaskets – we have fabricated oversized gaskets up to 85 feet in perimeter length

  • Mats

  • Dock bumpers

  • Truck bed liners

  • Snow plow blade deflector strips

  • Mud flaps

  • Vulcanized parts

CRG’s produces fabricated rubber products from standard and specialty elastomers, silicone rubber, microcellular foam and sponges, and specialty materials, including cork, felt, UHMW, and more. Elastomers that we use in our fabrication process include the following:

  • Natural rubber

  • EPDM rubber

  • Silicone rubber, including anti-microbial and metal detectable compounds

  • Fluoroelastomer (Viton®)

  • Nitrile (NBR) rubber

  • Red rubber (SBR)

  • Conveyor belting (including Kevlar® reinforced belting)

If you have a need for a custom fabricated rubber product, or an issue or challenge which a fabricated rubber product could help solve, our sales department will be pleased to discuss how CRG can help.

Contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com to find out how CRG can meet your fabrication needs.