Fast Gasket Delivery: When You Just Gotta Have It!

Fast gasket delivery in 24-hours or less

Can't wait for delivery of your gasket or fabricated rubber products order? Through its “24-hours or less” fast track order policy, CRGI can produce and ship many orders in the same day they are received.

CRGI’s fast gasket delivery order policy requires a production process that has its act together. To achieve this, CRGI employs state-of-the-art manufacturing technology which enables the fast cutting and production of parts. Then, manufacturing equipment has to be well-maintained, thereby ensuring that it is available to run when needed for production.

CRGI plant manager Jim McDonald explains why equipment availability is the key to how CRGI can achieve fast gasket delivery. “Many customers require fast gasket delivery– when a gasket fails unexpectedly, it can bring down a key machine or even an entire line in a customer’s facility. Being able to provide an immediate response to an urgent customer need is a key aspect of our production philosophy. Providing this level of responsiveness requires that our equipment is well-maintained and available to run when needed.”

CRGI’s equipment best practices include Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) techniques. TPM is a set of Lean manufacturing best practices for maximizing the operational efficiency and productivity of machinery and equipment. TPM emphasizes proactive and preventative maintenance and it places a strong emphasis on empowering operators to help maintain their equipment.

“A key part of our TPM effort is autonomous maintenance (AM) routines, such as lubrication, inspection, and cleaning, where operators are the first line of defence against unplanned machine downtime,” explains McDonald. “Every shift, our operators perform simple, routine AM procedures on their equipment. These procedures help identify emergent issues on the equipment before they can become full-blown failures.”

Customers can be sure that CRGI will continue to evolve and develop its TPM practices, further enhancing the company’s ability to ensure fast gasket delivery. So, the next time you need that gasket order delivered yesterday, give CRGI a call!