Featured Mat of the Month: Anti Static Mats

Anti static mats can reduce the hazards associated with static charge build up

Anti static mats, sometimes called ground mats or Electro Static Discharge (ESD) mats, are used to dissipate the static charges that can build up on the human body or materials. Anti static mats dissipate static charges by providing a controlled low resistance pathway for the charge to flow to ground, thus eliminating the hazards associated with an unwanted static discharge.

Anti static mats are fabricated from rubber, foam, or vinyl materials. These conductive mats quickly draw off static charge build-up that accumulates on people or objects. These mats should be used in work areas where static charge build-up occurs, posing a risk to workers should they touch hazardous chemicals or sensitive equipment.

Anti static mats differ from switchboard mats in that switchboard mats are non-conductive mats designed to protect workers from deadly shocks generated by high-voltage equipment. Anti static mats, in contrast, are conductive, but their conductivity is controlled so that static charges may dissipate safely to ground without building-up.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. offers a variety of anti static mats. Mats that we currently stock include the following:

Airsoft™ anti static mat. This mat is a combination anti static and anti fatigue mat in one. Made of closed cell vinyl (PVC) sponge, the Airsoft™ mat comes with a pebbled surface and tapered edges. The static dissipative rating of this mat is low to mid 108 ohms/ft. 2. The Airsoft™ mat is an excellent choice anti static mat for both office areas, such as around photocopiers, and industrial work areas where static charge build up is a problem. The Airsoft™ mat is available cut-to-size or in 60-foot roll lengths. This mat must be used with a ground cord which we can supply.

Anti Stat mat. This mat features a vinyl (PVC) construction with a pebbled surface. The static dissipative rating of this mat is 7 x 108 to 9 x 109 ohms/ft. 2. It is available in 3’ or 4’ widths, in 50’ lengths. It is an ideal mat to use in static dissipative applications in which sensitive electronics must be placed on an anti static surface for workers to handle. This mat must be used with a ground cord which we can supply.

Stat-Zap anti static mat. This anti static mat features a carpeted surface made from bulk continuous loop pile nylon carpet with conductive fibers fused to a heavy-duty vinyl. The backing is made from a non-slip foam. Stat-Zap mats include a stock grounding cord. These mats are great for dissipating static charges and protecting electronic equipment. The mats are available in eight standard sizes from 2’ x 3’ up to 4’ x 60’.

Comfort King anti static mat. This is a 100 per cent Zedlan™ sponge mat with a non-slip pebble embossed surface and static dissipative properties.  This mat is available in 4 sizes, from 2’ x 3’ to 4’ x 10’. Mats include a stock grounding cord.

For more information on any of these anti static mats, or our complete line of industrial rubber mats, please contact our sales department today at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.