Flame Retardant Electrical Insulating Parts

Due to their good dielectric strength, materials such as fishpaper and Nomex® have been widely used as electrical insulation materials. These materials have also been used by fabricators to produce functional parts which service a variety of industrial and automotive applications. Now, CRG is using Formex® materials from ITW to produce flame retardant electrical insulating parts whose performance is superior to that previously obtainable from fishpaper, Nomex®, and other materials.

What is Formex® material?

Formex flame retardant materials from ITW combine outstanding dielectric and physical strength with flexibility. The unique material properties of Formex® meets global standards for flame retardancy, making the material a preferred choice for insulating and barrier applications.

What are the advantages of Formex® for producing flame retardant electrical insulating parts?

Compared to materials like fishpaper and Nomex®, Formex® material has superior dielectric breakdown strength, typically 24,820V @ 0.017 in. (0.43mm). Static dissipation is also excellent, at 10’ to 10” Ohms per square surface resistivity. Static decay is less than 2 seconds. These properties makes Formex® an excellent choice for the production of barrier and insulating parts.

Formex® material has UL 94 V-0 flame class rating. Unlike fishpaper and Nomex®, the material is non-hygroscopic, with less than 0.06 percent moisture absorption. Unlike parts made from fishpaper or Nomex,® parts made from Formex® will not absorb moisture and deteriorate, translating into longer part life and fewer replacements.

Parts made from Formex® have excellent chemical resistance, meaning they can be used in applications where contact with aggressive media is a concern. Finally, Formex® is exceptionally flexible, meaning that the material can be folded repeatedly without cracking or splitting. With its inherent advantages over conventional materials, Formex® materials have successfully replaced a variety of electrical papers, thermoplastic materials, and injection molded parts.

What types of applications can be serviced with Formex® flame retardant electrical insulating parts?

Formex® can be used as an insulating or barrier material, or used to fabricate functional parts. Examples of applications that can be serviced with Formex® materials or parts include the following:

  • Power supplies and power distribution equipment

  • Automotive components used in assemblies and sub-assemblies

  • Appliances and televisions

  • HVAC equipment

  • Medical devices and equipment

  • Telecommunications, switchgear, and broadcasting equipment

  • Electronic equipment and hardware

  • Computers and computer peripherals

  • Lighting

  • Instruments and devices for measuring, analyzing and controlling

What types of Formex® parts does CRG supply?

CRG converts Formex® materials into fully finished parts for industrial and automotive applications. These parts include those for insulating and shielding sensitive electronic parts and components, as well those which provide barrier protection against electrical discharges. We also fabricate functional parts such as wire harness organizers, air flow baffles and others which serve as low-cost internal mechanical components in devices and systems.

How does CRG process Formex® into finished parts?

CRG processes Formex® materials into fully finished parts using die and flex/flash cutting, as well as waterjet cutting. We can produce a variety of shapes, including those with folds, bends, and scores. CRG uses a variety of grades and thicknesses of Formex® to produce finished parts, with each grade chosen to match the application demands. Parts which CRG fabricates from Formex® can also be supplied with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings.

From prototyping to production part runs, CRG can service your needs for flame retardant electrical insulating parts. If you have an application or product which could benefit from Formex® flame retardant electrical insulating parts, CRG will be pleased to review your needs.

To speak with our sales specialists, please contact our sales team at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.