Fluid Sealing Products and Services from CRG

Through its privileged supply relationships with leading material suppliers like Teadit, American Biltrite, Interface Performance Materials, and others, CRG offers a wide variety of fluid sealing products and services. These products and services are designed to meet the needs of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul), and OEM buyers alike.

MRO buyers of fluid sealing products are concerned with reliability and cost of supply, together with value for money and total lifetime costs. CRG services the needs of MRO buyers with consistently assured delivery and cost-effective product solutions that offer superior value over their product lifecycles.

OEM buyers are often seeking supply partners who can develop and provide effective sealing solutions for their saleable fluid sealing products, including pumps, valves, etc.  CRG works with equipment designers and manufacturers to develop and supply sealing products that reliably enhance and maintain the performance of their equipment over its expected life cycle.

Fluid sealing products and services offered by CRG that will be of interest to MRO and OEM buyers alike include the following:

  • Gaskets and seals. Made from the highest quality elastomers, foams and sponges, CRG gaskets and seals are available in standard or made-to-order sizes. Where required, we can custom fabricate specialty gaskets and seals, including oversize gaskets for large applications. We will be pleased to provide consultation and guidance on the optimal material to use for any sealing application, ensuring that you reduce the costs associated with unplanned gasket failure and equipment downtime.

  • Compression packing (sometimes called mechanical or pump packing). CRG offers a wide range of premium compression packing products from Teadit. Our compression packing products address a wide variety of applications, including those in standard service, severe service where abrasive or harsh media are involved, critical service involving hazardous or toxic media, and sanitary service where FDA or NSF 61 requirements must be met. Compression packing types we can supply include the following: Aramid Yarn; Carbon, Graphite; ePTFE/Graphite; PTFE; Ramie; Synthetic Yarn.

  • Gasket tape. Gasket tape is flat, thin, form-in-place sealing material used to provide an effective seal against liquids or gases. Often used on flanges with irregular surfaces, gasket tape conforms well to surface irregularities and is relatively easy to apply and install. CRG offer expanded and multi-directionally expanded gasket tapes from Teadit that service an extensive array of applications.

  • Consulting and training. CRG fluid sealing specialists will be pleased to advise on any fluid sealing need or issue. If needed, we can come onsite to evaluate a particular application, advise on material selection, or provide training on gasket selection, installation and maintenance.

  • Support services. We can provide our fluid sealing products bundled with support services, including special packaging, expedited delivery and emergency service, bar coding, kanban inventory replenishment, electronic data interchange (EDI), and more. Please contact us for more information on the full array of our fluid sealing support services.

If you have a need for fluid sealing products and services, our sales department will be pleased to speak with you. For more information, please contact us directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.