Gasket Compatibility

A key challenge in fluid sealing is to ensure chemical compatibility between the sealing material and the media. Choosing the wrong material can result in a sub-optimal seal, resulting in leaks and process downtime. At the same time, failure to consider gasket compatibility can compromise safety and the risk of environmental spills and hazards.

Ensuring compatibility between gasket materials and chemical media means choosing the right material for the job. Chemical compatibility is very important as a gasket can degrade very quickly if the rubber material is not compatible with either the environment or the media that it comes into contact with. Since each rubber compound has varying degrees of resistance to various chemical media, it is essential to consider gasket compatibility when selecting gasket materials.

Besides chemical compatibility, consideration needs to be give to the environment in which a gasket will be used. This means consider the working service limits (temperature and pressure) that will need to be supported in the application. Thus, good gasket selection considers compatibility across two dimensions: chemical compatibility in terms of the media that a material will support, and environmental compatibility in terms of the working service limits that need to be supported.

To help buyers ensure gasket compatibility, Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI), has developed a Gasket Reference Chart.  This chart shows both the supported media and working service limits for the common Teadit gasket materials which we stock and supply. Using the chart, users can select the gasket material that best fits their particular application. (Download your copy of the Gasket Reference Chart.)

Products listed in the CRGI Gasket Reference Chart will support continuous maximum temperatures and pressures from 450°F - 1022°F and 725 psi -  3600 psi respectively. Excursion maximums supported range from 716°F - 1202°F and 1015 psi – 3600 psi respectively. Supported media listed in the chart include: acids and alkalies; gases (air and dry); oils (petroleum); solvents (standard); and miscellaneous compounds such as refrigerants and halocarbons, steam, and saline solutions. In addition, the chart also shows which gasket materials support food-grade (FDA) and sanitary (NSF 61) applications.

CRGI stocks a full line of gasket materials produced by Teadit and other material manufacturers. These materials are the preferred choice for buyers seeking total gasket compatibility for their particular application. Using these materials, CRGI can produce precision-cut gaskets which are tailored to fit almost any application.

To find out more about how we can help you achieve gasket compatibility in your application, please contact our sales department at