Gasket Manufacturing: Explaining the 3M’s

Gasket manufacturing requires a supplier to produce product that consistently conforms to customer requirements and specifications. This involves combining materials, machines, and manufacturing methods into a proven and reliable process – what we, at Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) call the “3M’s” of gasket manufacturing.

The first of the 3M’s, materials, means always using the most appropriate material to produce the finished gasket. Not all gasket materials are created equal. Firstly, there are differences in quality among the materials available in the marketplace. Reliable suppliers always choose quality materials from the leading material producers to fabricate their gaskets. While gaskets manufactured from lower quality materials are cheaper, the finished gaskets will not be as reliable or durable once put into service. This, in turn, causes premature failure and higher costs over the lifetime of the product.

Secondly, materials must be carefully chosen to suit the particular application at hand. Choosing a material which is unsuitable for an application will lead to premature failure of a gasket. Leading gasket manufacturers have both the material choice and expertise necessary to ensure that you get the optimal material for your particular application.

The second of the 3M’s, machines, refers to the equipment and processes used in gasket manufacturing. Using advanced production equipment results in precision-cut gaskets which have superior quality, fit and finish. At CRGI, we use advanced production equipment and processes to produce all our gaskets, including water jet cutting, flex and flash cutting, and rotary and standard die cutting.

The third of the 3M’s, methods, refers to the manufacturing methods and procedures which govern gasket manufacturing. Suppliers that use proven best practices and standardized production methods will produce finished product which consistently conforms to customer requirements, specifications, and tolerances. At CRGI, our production system is certified as meeting the quality management principles and requirements of ISO 9001:2008. Through our ISO 9001:2008 quality management system, we maintain a strong customer focus, while continually improving our production system to better meet the needs of customers and other stakeholders.

The next time you are sourcing or procuring gaskets, consider the 3M’s – they can help you select a reliable and proven supply partner, and avoid unnecessary costs and downtime.

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