Gasket Material Shelf Life: Five Tips for Safe Storage

To ensure material integrity, there are some key points to follow when storing sheet gasket material. Following these guidelines will ensure that the gasket material is always at it best before it is put into service.

  1. Always store sheet gasket material in a cool and dry area. Exposing the material to moisture can cause deterioration of the material – something that can be accelerated by storing in a hot storage area. Related to this is the need to avoid exposing the gasket material  to grease, oils, or solvents, either in liquid or vapour form. Exposing the material to these potentially harmful substances can degrade and compromise the material integrity.

  2. Always prevent exposing gasket material to ultraviolet (UV) light, direct sunlight, or strong fluorescent light. Exposing the material to these kinds of light can cause premature ageing of the compound with a resulting deterioration in material integrity.

  3. Avoid exposing gasket material to ozone. Cracks can be formed in many elastomers from ozone attack. These cracks may not become apparent until the fabricated gasket is actually in use and may result in premature failure of the gasket.

  4. With compressed non-asbestos sheet gasket materials, never bend or fold the sheet. Always store sheet flat or in roll form.

  5. Before putting any stored sheet gasket material into service, always inspect the material carefully for any signs of damage that may have occurred during storage. This will help ensure that you are always using sheet material whose integrity has been preserved during storage.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) stocks and supplies sheet gasket material manufactured by Teadit North America and other leading sheet manufacturers. The recommended shelf life for all Teadit gasket materials is five years, based on the above storage conditions. All SBR/NBR rubber sheet has a recommended shelf life of three years, based on ideal storage conditions.

Should you have questions or concerns about the storage of any sheet gasket material, please contact our sales department at We will be pleased to help ensure that your material is safe to install or fabricate for your application.