Gasket Materials Workshop at GFA Gasketing/Converting Expo

If you are attending next week’s GFA Gasketing/Converting Expo in Orlando, Florida, be sure not to miss CRGI’s workshop on Innovative Gasket Materials. The workshop will be held at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, March 26, in the Lake Mizel Room at the Orlando Hilton. Bill Searle, Territory Manager from CRGI, and Chad Dercks from Teadit North America Inc. will co-present the workshop.

“This workshop will highlight the latest advances in compressed sheet gasket materials for sealing, show the applications which these materials support, and describe the benefits users can obtain from using these materials,” said CRGI president Gord Sirrs. “Anyone attending the GFA Gasketing/Converting Expo who wants to get up to speed with the latest developments in gasketing materials should attend this workshop.”

In recent years, manufacturers of compressed sheet materials have developed new compounds which offer superior sealing properties in a variety of applications. Gaskets and seals fashioned from these materials can provide users with higher-quality seals, longer gasket life, and superior performance over the life of the gasket. With the proliferation of newer materials, it is important for fabricators and users to be aware of the latest developments so that they can take advantage of the benefits these newer materials offer.

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