Gaskets and Seals for Electronic Devices

Canada Rubber Group Inc. manufactures a variety of gaskets and seals for a diverse range of applications. An interesting application we service is the production of gaskets and seals for electronic devices and equipment.

Electronic devices and equipment are particularly sensitive to the ingress of fluids, moisture, electromagnetic interference (EMI), dirt and other contaminants. Protecting the sensitive components within electronic devices and equipment requires effective gaskets and seals.

An everyday example of the need to effectively seal and protect sensitive electronic devices is the cell phone. Just about every cell phone made today employs a window LCD gasket. The primary function of the window LCD is to prevent dust and particles from penetrating into hollow space between a device window and LCD. The gasket also acts as a shock absorber to protect the LCD. This type of gasket can be used for various kinds of electronic devices that incorporate a window and LCD.

Electromagnetic interference can wreak havoc on unprotected electrical and electronic equipment. One way to shield devices and components from EMI is to apply gaskets produced from electrically conductive silicone or fluorosilicone sheet. These gaskets protect the devices and equipment from harmful EMI, ensuring the integrity and functioning of the sensitive components inside.

Medical devices are an example of electronic equipment where mitigating the issue of EMI is particularly acute. Often, in medical settings, there is frequently more than one electronic device in a room at the same time. The presence of EMI from one device can cause a malfunction in another, compromising patient care and safety. For this reason, using EMI shielding gaskets are now more commonly used than ever in the hospital environment.

In addition, the need to clean and sterilize medical devices means that these devices are subject to moisture ingress, necessitating the use of barrier seals and gaskets. For these reasons, electrically conductive elastomers are the preferred sealing choice. This material offers a conductive option for devices, while still being able to provide protection from EMI and effectively seal devices during cleaning and sterilization procedures.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. manufactures seals and gaskets for electronic devices to serve nearly any purpose. We can create seals to prevent moisture or contaminant infiltration, and gaskets to block EMI interference. With a number of advanced production methods available, and a wide array of materials to choose from, we can create custom seals and gaskets for electronic devices that will match your exact specifications. To address both design and function, we will work with you to create the ideal solution for your product, no matter how simple or complex. Depending on the required function and device application, we have closed cell, open cell, and specialty materials available.

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