Gaskets: Five Installation Tips

Correctly installing a new gasket is critical to achieving a leak-free seal. Many gasket failures arise because of improper installation. A good install can ensure leak-free performance over the life of the gasket and avoid the costs associated with premature replacement.

In this blog, we present five tips to ensure the successful installation of a new gasket. Following these tips should result in a leak-free seal, every time.

Tip #1. Thoroughly clean and prepare all joint surfaces. Often, gasket installation consists of removing the old gasket and placing in a new one. After removing the old gasket, all flange surfaces should be carefully cleaned and inspected for wear and damage.  Any damage on flange surfaces should be repaired and corrected, as leaving this unchecked can compromise sealing performance.

Tip #2. Ensure that the right gasket is chosen for the application. A wide variety of gasket materials are now available to service a range of applications. These materials have different properties and characteristics – a material that works well in one particular application may not work so well in another. To ensure sealing performance, always choose the optimal material for servicing the application at hand.

Tip #3.  Ensure correct centering and initial loading. Standard ANSI ring gaskets, when cut properly, should center themselves when the fastening bolts are in place. Use well-lubricated fasteners with hardened flat washers to ensure correct initial loading, and always employ a torque wrench to tighten fasteners.

Tip #4. Apply uniform loading. Tighten joint bolts to compress the gasket uniformly. Usually, this means going from side to side around the joint in a star-crossing pattern. Bolts should be tightened in one-third increments, following the bolting pattern.

Tip #5. Re-torque all fasteners 12 to 24 hours after start-up. After a gasket has been allowed to relax after the initial tightening, the joint should be re-tightened to ensure an optimal seal.

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