Gaskets for Safe Drinking Water

Everyone wants to be sure they are consuming safe drinking water! Drinking water comes into contact with many products and materials as it is treated and distributed. This contact can have an adverse effect on drinking water quality. For example, additives used in water treatment facilities, as well as gaskets, seals, and filters used in the distribution system and at the point of consumption, may affect drinking water quality. Many of these materials and products are installed and/or used by municipalities, while others are purchased by the general public.

Standards for safe drinking water in Canada

Currently, in Canada, materials and products that come into contact with drinking water throughout the distribution system are not regulated at the national level. However, several national bodies, such as Health Canada, have recognized the need to ensure the supply of safe drinking water. To that end, bodies like Health Canada have been working with international standard-setting organizations to help develop health-based standards for materials and products that come into contact with drinking water within the treatment and distribution system.

Unlike plumbing standard which focus on installation requirements, standards for drinking water materials are health-based. Health-based standards for materials that come into contact with drinking water, such as the NSF/ANSI 61 (Drinking Water System Components – Health Effects) standard, help ensure the supply of safe drinking water by regulating the material safety and performance of products used throughout the distribution system.

Gaskets for Safe Drinking Water: American Biltrite AB-576 sheet

To ensure the provision of safe drinking water, treatment and distribution systems should use joining and sealing materials (i.e., gaskets, adhesives, and lubricants) which are produced from materials that meet the requirements of the NSF/ANSI 61 standard. Standard rubber compounds used in gaskets and seals for drinking water applications must be proven to prevent the leaching of harmful contaminants prior to installation and use.

CRGI is now supplying gaskets and seals manufactured from materials certified to NSF/ANSI 61. An NSF/ANSI 61 certified material we have recently added to our portfolio is American Biltrite EPDM AB-576.

American Biltrite EPDM AB-576 is a premium sheet rubber that ensures optimum performance for gaskets and seals used in safe drinking water applications. American Biltrite NSF/ANSI 61 EPDM is a high-quality, ASTM grade sheet that offers outstanding resistance to heat, ozone and sunlight, with superior resistance to water and steam and good flexibility at low temperatures.

Gaskets fabricated from AB-576 have optimum compression set values, with a high ability to resist or recover from permanent deformation post-pressure or stress. AB-576 is certified to the NSF/ANSI 61-G and 372 (Drinking Water System Components - Lead Content) standards. The NSF seal is the most recognized and respected mark used in the water industry. American Biltrite AB-576 sheet can be found directly on the NSF International website for easy verification of compliance to the NSF 61 standard. The demand for NSF Certified products in global markets is growing, as more and more markets are requesting the peace of mind that the familiar blue seal offers.

CRGI can supply gaskets for safe drinking water applications fabricated from AB-576 sheet. Gaskets can be custom cut to individual customer requirements and specifications. All gaskets we supply are produced on the most advanced cutting technology, including waterjet and flex/flash equipment. We can handle large or small order volumes equally well, and can provide expedited and emergency service if required.

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