High Temperature Flame Retardant Parts

In response to customer requests for custom fabricated parts capable of meeting high temperature requirements within an application, CRG is now fabricating parts using Formex® GL material. These parts are especially suitable for applications where the use of high temperature flame retardant parts is a key requirement.

What is Formex® GL material?

Formex® GL material is the latest addition to the Formex® family of products produced by ITW Formex. This flame retardant multi-layer polypropylene sheet is an innovative formulation that provides excellent score and fold performance, UL -94-VO flammability, and 125°C Relative Thermal Index (RTI) listed by Underwriters Laboratory.

What are the advantages of Formex® GL material?

Formex® GL material possesses excellent dielectric strength of 1,880 volts/mil @0.010”. The material has extremely low moisture absorption of 0.06%. Unlike parts made from fishpaper or Nomex®, parts made from Formex® GL will not absorb moisture and deteriorate, translating into longer part life and fewer replacements.

Parts made from Formex® GL have excellent chemical resistance, meaning they can be used in applications where contact with aggressive media is a concern. Finally, Formex® GL is exceptionally flexible, meaning that the material can be folded repeatedly without cracking or splitting. With its inherent advantages over conventional materials, Formex® GL material can be used to produce parts that can successfully replace those made from electrical papers, thermoplastic materials, and injection molding.

What applications do Formex® GL high temperature flame retardant parts service?

Formex® GL can be used to produce insulating electrical barrier parts, or a wide array of functional parts used within industrial or automotive products. Examples of applications that can be serviced with Formex® GL parts include the following:

  • Power supplies and power distribution equipment

  • Automotive components used in assemblies and sub-assemblies, including those used in Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV battery systems

  • Appliances and televisions

  • HVAC equipment

  • Medical devices and equipment

  • Telecommunications, switchgear, and broadcasting equipment

  • Electronic equipment and hardware

  • Computers and computer peripherals

  • Lighting

  • Instruments and devices for measuring, analyzing and controlling

How does CRG custom fabricate parts using Formex® GL material?

CRG processes Formex® GL material into fully finished parts using die and flex/flash cutting, as well as waterjet cutting. We can produce a variety of shapes, including those with folds, bends, and scores. Parts which CRG fabricates from Formex® GL can also be supplied with or without pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backings.

From prototype to final part production runs, CRG can service your needs for high temperature flame retardant parts. If you have an application or product which could benefit from parts fabricated from Formex® GL material, CRG will be pleased to review your needs.

To speak with our sales specialists, please contact our sales team at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.