High Temperature Gaskets

High temperature gaskets are those that are designed specifically for applications involving high heat – or what are sometimes referred to as thermal applications. Thermal applications can be particularly hard to seal as the high temperatures may compromise the performance and integrity of the gasket.

High temperature gaskets are made from rubber compounds specially formulated to withstand the rigours of thermal applications. These applications often involve open flames, combustible materials, or solids, liquids and gases at high temperatures. The rubber compounds used to fabricate high temperature gaskets ensure reliable sealing performance beyond the range of standard gasket materials.

Common applications which require the use of high temperature gaskets include those involving saturated steam, the manufacture and processing of hot oils, waste gas and engine operation, etc. These applications require gaskets that can handle intense heat and temperatures which are often in excess of 500°C.

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) has over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing gaskets for high temperature applications. Our high temperature gaskets are fabricated from sheet rubber compounds especially formulated for high temperature applications. Two high-quality materials from which we fabricate high temperature gaskets include the following:

Teadit style NA1122 high performance steam sheet. Teadit style NA1122 was developed to exhibit superior thermal stability during extreme thermal cycling applications. It is specifically recommended for saturated and superheated steam services but has also proven itself to be very effective in sealing liquid petroleum derivates, ethanol, chemical products and other fluids. Gaskets produced from NA 1122 sheet have a maximum service temperature of 550°C.

Teadit GR1700 - Sigraflex APX2 Hochdruck. Teadit GR1700 APX2 Hochdruck is a flexible graphite sheet specifically designed for high temperature flat gasket applications. It combines the outstanding weight loss characteristics of Sigraflex APX2 flexible graphite and reinforcing layers of metal in Sigraflex Hochdruck technology. Gaskets made from GR1700 sheet have a maximum service limit of 650°C.

Other materials from which we can fabricate high temperature gaskets which service temperatures above 177°C include: silicone; fluorosilicone; fluorocarbon (Viton®); EPDM; and Viton® and silicone sponge.

CRGI high temperature gaskets are precision cut on the latest production equipment within our ISO 9001 certified facility. If you have a high temperature application, or need guidance on high temperature gaskets and gasket materials, we can help.

For further information, please contact our sales department directly at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.