Loudspeaker Isolation Pads

Many audio experts claim that decoupling, or isolating, a loudspeaker from the surface it is resting upon has a positive effect on sound quality. Loudspeakers that are decoupled from their resting surface via loudspeaker isolation pads have tighter bass response and improved stereo imaging.

Loudspeaker isolation pads work on the principle that speakers should impart their energy to the air, and not to the surface they are resting upon. Placing a pad constructed of suitable material on the base of the loudspeaker can help absorb unwanted vibrations and suppress resonance. The use of isolation pads effectively decouples the speaker from the floor of a structure and prevents the transmission of unwanted vibrations and noise through the structure.

For the above reasons, using isolation pads to enhance the performance of sound systems is of paramount importance to speaker manufacturers, system installers, and audio enthusiasts alike.

CRG fabricates high-quality loudspeaker isolation pads from Sylomer® material. Sylomer® is one of the leading materials in the vibration isolation market. Sylomer® is an elastic and versatile polyurethane material with a mixed-cell pore structure. The material offers an excellent combination of dampening and elastic characteristics.

A major advantage of Sylomer® over other dampening materials is that the performance of the material is predictable. Depending upon the application, structure-borne noise and vibration can be attenuated by up to 95 percent. Due to the vibration suppression characteristics of Sylomer, low natural frequencies are assured so that optimal isolation values are achieved.

CRG can readily fabricate Sylomer® isolation pads designed for almost any loudspeaker system. Depending upon the speaker size and specific application, we can adapt Sylomer® to specific applications by selecting the right material type, thickness, and density. In applications which involve loudspeakers mounted onto stands, Sylomer® pads can be fabricated which effectively decouple the speaker from the stand. In applications where loudspeakers are hung, Sylomer® hangers can be fabricated to provide effective speaker isolation from ceilings or walls.

Where the listening angles of loudspeakers need to be adjusted to achieve optimum results, CRG can fabricate wedge-shaped isolation pads which can accommodate a variety of listening angles.

Speaker systems for which CRG can fabricate isolation pads include the following:

  • Auditorium and concert hall systems

  • Industrial and commercial sound systems

  • Studio monitors

  • Home audio and audiophile systems

  • Automotive vehicle sound systems

If you are a manufacturer or installer of loudspeaker systems, CRG can work with you to fabricate the right Sylomer® isolation pad for your system. To find out more about loudspeaker isolation pads from CRG, please contact our sales department at crg@canadarubbergroup.com.