Masticated Rubber Parts

Masticated rubber parts are a great choice for applications where superior hardness, tensile strength, and durability are required. Parts fashioned from masticated rubber have high wear resistance and can be used for severe service applications in a variety of industries and processes.

Masticated rubber is essentially recycled rubber reinforced with high-strength synthetic fiber cords. Rubber may be masticated using a two-roll mill, or by using an industrial grinder/mixer. The resulting compound is extremely tough and durable. The term “mastication” refers to the “chewing” type of operation that the compound being recycled and masticated undergoes.

At CRG, we have used masticated rubber compound in a variety of thicknesses to produce parts which service an array of applications. These include applications in the automotive and mass transit, manufacturing, aggregates and resources, and other industries.

As masticated rubber has synthetic fiber cords, the material has high compressive strength, resistance to wear and tear, durability, and resistance to ozone and weathering. This last property makes products made from masticated rubber a good choice for outdoor uses where exposure to the elements is a problem.

Specific products that CRG can produce using masticated rubber includes the following:

Automotive and mass transit vehicle parts. These masticated rubber parts are ideal for non-fluid sealing uses. Examples of parts include mud flaps, stone and splash shields, radiator baffles, etc. Masticated rubber products for transportation uses stand up extremely well to water, salt spray, abrasion from grit and gravel, etc. Parts can be precision cut from masticated rubber of varying thicknesses, including from 1/16” up to 1”.

Load bearing pads. CRG load bearing pads from masticated rubber have extensive uses as equipment pads, railway tie pads, and bridge and building pads. These load bearing pads have high compressive loading capacity.

Wear resistant parts and liners. Used in industrial settings for machine skirting, deflectors, and guards, these products wear extremely well, even in harsh settings. In addition, CRG can fabricate chute and launder linings, and wear resistant parts from masticated rubber for applications in the aggregates, mining, and resource industries. These linings and parts stand up extremely well in outdoor applications where the effects of weathering must be addressed.

If you have an application that requires a fabricated part that will withstand wear and tear, abrasion, weathering, and stress, consider a masticated rubber part from CRG. Our sales representatives will be pleased to discuss your application and discuss how we can assist you.

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