Mechanical Rubber Parts

Canada Rubber Group Inc. (CRGI) is a solutions-based manufacturer with over 25 years’ experience in the supply of high-quality parts fabricated from rubber and other materials. A key part of our product line is the provision of  custom fabricated mechanical rubber parts – parts for use in industrial, agricultural, and construction applications, products, equipment and machinery.

What are commonly referred to as “mechanical rubber parts” (sometimes called “mechanical rubber goods”) encompasses a wide variety of product offerings. For the automotive sector, these include parts for transportation and off-road equipment, including vehicle seals, NVH (noise-vibration-harshness) parts, grommets and plugs, etc. For the general industrial sector, mechanical rubber parts include machine guarding, belting, membranes, wear parts, linings, packing, OEM parts for manufactured products, and more. In the medical and pharmaceutical industry, mechanical rubber parts include seals, caps, stops, closures, and containers. Finally, in the construction industry, mechanical rubber parts include insulation products, waterproofing products, roofing systems, windows, etc.

CRGI Mechanical Rubber Parts: Materials

CRGI produces mechanical rubber parts for both standard and severe service applications from a wide variety of sheet rubbers and sponges, including EPDM, SBR, Nitrile, Silicone, Neoprene, Natural Rubber, Fluorosilicone, Viton™, and others. Our wide inventory of rubber compounds allows us to select the material that is best suited to an application. We are also able to supply mechanical rubber parts fabricated from rubber compounds designed to address relevant regulatory requirements, such as those made from FDA-approved or NSF 61-approved materials.

In addition to supplying mechanical rubber parts manufactured from sheet rubber and sponge, CRGI also has proven expertise in producing parts from specialty materials including cork and cork composites, polyester foams, transparent conductive films, felt, ceramic paper, plastic, and more.

All mechanical rubber parts we produce are manufactured on the latest advanced production technology. For those special one-of-a kind products which cannot be machine-made, we can still craft mechanical rubber parts using hand fabrication techniques where required.

CRGI Mechanical Rubber Parts: Offerings

Mechanical rubber parts that CRGI can supply include the following:

  • Automotive rubber parts. These include vehicle seals, pedal pads, isolators and dampeners, grommets and plugs, fuel tank cushions, and more.

  • Industrial equipment parts. Mechanical rubber parts for the OEM, replacement and retrofit markets. These include seals, guarding, belting, wear parts, vibration pads, and more.

  • Parts for aggregates, mining and construction equipment. Wear parts and linings for equipment, chutes, and launders.

  • Custom mechanical rubber parts. No matter your application, if you require a customized mechanical rubber part, CRGI can produce it. Since our inception, CRGI has solved customers’ most pressing challenges for mechanical rubber parts fabricated from rubber and other specialty materials.

CRGI continues to lead the way in the supply of mechanical rubber parts by innovating processes with cutting edge technology to ensure the highest quality standards are met with each and every order. If you have a need for mechanical rubber parts, CRGI has the fabrication and materials experience to serve you.

Please contact our sales department at for more information on how we can serve your needs.