Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Matting

Conventional floor mats and coverings are often purpose-designed for specific flooring applications. Thus, there are anti-fatigue, anti-slip, wetside, and other matting types that are especially designed to address specific applications, uses and needs. Often, however, buyers are seeking a matting that will serve a variety of applications and uses. These types of mats are often referred to as “multi-purpose” mats.

CRG supplies three proven and cost-effective multi-purpose rubber floor matting solutions which address a range of uses and needs. These matting solutions are the following:

Flexi Coin Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Matting

Flexi Coin is an attractive, quick and easy-to-install sheet vinyl matting that comes in roll format. This large stud matting offers the convenient coverage of large areas with one economical piece of material.

Flexi Coin matting is available in a standard 1.6mm (1/16") thickness in 2 solid colors. This multi-purpose mat provides a practical and functional alternative to conventional floorcoverings in light-duty applications. Flexi Coin is available in 25 meter lengths and in widths of 98cm and 152cm. Eco-friendly versions made from recyclable materials are also available.

Flexi Dot Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Matting

Flexi Dot is an excellent multi-purpose solution for light duty applications where an attractive slip-resistant matting is desired. The small-dot surface pattern on Flexi Dot matting provides an aesthetically pleasing covering, and the matting is available in a choice of bright colours which will enhance any interior.

Flexi Dot matting provides good slip resistance and will also resist chemicals, oils and acids. Flexi Dot matting can be supplied in roll form for easy one-piece installation in large areas, and the matting is also easy to cut to shape for a precise fit around objects.

Flexi Tred Multi-Purpose Rubber Floor Matting

Flexi Tred is an ideal matting for heavier-duty industrial applications where there is a higher level of pedestrian traffic, such as production areas and commercial environments.

Flexi Tred matting has an electrical resistance meeting DIN/EN 60243-1 and a breakdown voltage of 27kv, making it especially suitable for use in the electronics and electrical industries where there are higher levels of electrical interference. Where fatigue from standing is a concern, and anti-fatigue version of Flexi Tred is available.

Flexi Coin, Flexi Dot, and Flexi Tred multi-purpose rubber matting offer economical and easy-to-install solutions which address a variety of uses and needs. If you are seeking a multi-purpose matting solution, or rubber matting to service a specific application, the CRG sales team will be pleased to review your needs and advise on the preferred solution. Please contact our sales team directly at