Noise Reducing Memory Foam Parts

An exciting material that CRGI is using to produce custom cut parts is memory foam. This material has exceptional acoustical properties - noise reducing memory foam parts are increasingly sought for those applications where acoustic deadening is desired.

About Memory Foam

Memory foam is an open cell polyurethane foam that features slow-recovery memory cells. The material possesses excellent compression set resistance, slow recovery and a uniform cell structure that makes it an outstanding material choice for cushioning, ergonomic and shock control applications. The open cell structure of memory foam produces a breathable material that does not break down with continual use.

Most importantly, compared to other foams and sponges, memory foam has excellent noise reduction properties. In particular, memory foam exhibits more linear sound absorption across the frequency spectrum than other foams, and has a much greater ability to reduce noise that other foams. A common noise reduction application in which memory foam is often used is in earplugs, where a 30 dB attenuation in noise levels can be achieved.

Noise Reducing Memory Foam Parts

Using our advanced production processes, CRGI is able to custom manufacture noise reducing memory foam parts. The parts can be produced to customer designs and specifications, and precision-cut for specific applications. Parts can be supplied with a pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing, if required.

Applications which noise reducing memory foam parts can service include the following:

  • Noise isolation and passive noise reduction, such as earbuds and headphones

  • Noise protection, including earplugs and ear seals

  • Sound blocking and absorption, including high-tech, industrial and automotive applications

  • Echo elimination and acoustic enhancement, improving sound quality

  • Vibration dampening, including industrial and automotive applications

CRGI produces noise reducing memory foam parts from customer-supplied designs. We can also work with you to develop a suitable part design for your particular application. Where required, we can undertake prototyping and Production Part Approval (PPAP) for automotive applications. We are able to produce parts from an array of memory foam materials, thus ensuring that the optimal material is selected for your application.

If you have an application which would benefit from a noise reducing memory foam part, CRGI is ready to partner with you. Please contact our sales department at for further information on how we can meet your needs.